Last Chance to Shop!

Two long-time Artists & Fleas merchants at will be moving on from Chelsea soon. Catch them before they’re gone!

Churoncalla - here 'til 9/24
Chess and Fredy of Churoncalla have been designing their jewelry and art for over three decades. When asked how long they had been with Artists & Fleas, they couldn’t remember exactly how many years it had been. But we remember! Churoncalla has been with Artists & Fleas since the early days at our original Williamsburg location on N6th St. Frequent visitors of Artists & Fleas have grown accustomed to seeing Churoncalla’s display overflowing with ephemera like old signs, vintage books and typewriters. Their unique jewelry is made from recycled typewriter keys, license plates, and vintage forks and spoons. Recycling is a key element of their artistic process and it is very important to them. Each piece brings the recycled materials to life in a new way and gives customers something to smile about.

Selling at Artists & Fleas in Chelsea Market has allowed them to meet people from all over the world, often gaining repeat customers who would find them whenever they were in NYC. Interacting with these customers has been one of their favorite parts of being at the market. For Churoncalla, Artists & Fleas has been an amazing place to share their creativity and unique one-of-a-kind designs.

While Chess and Fredy will miss their longtime market home, they will gain some free time which will allow them to work on bigger projects and focus on their store in Nyack.

So, before they go, come by to shop their treasure trove of eclectic jewelry or find a piece of one-of-a-kind art to take home!  

Stern Design Works - here 'til 10/8
Cameron and Rebecca Stern founded Stern Design Works in 2007. Their jewelry is made through a collaborative process utilizing traditional metalsmithing, 3D printing, resin, and other alternative materials.  The displays they have built over the years in Artists & Fleas Chelsea have always incorporated elements reminiscent of theatre sets and museum dioramas. Trees made of paper sprouting from their tabletops, hand carved landscapes, and even a hanging space shuttle have all accompanied their jewelry collection and made their booth hard to miss!

Stern Design Works’ jewelry has captured the imagination of people from all walks of life, from children enamored with their glow-in-the-dark earrings to NASA employees fawning over their extensive collection of aerospace inspired pendants. The inspiration for their collections comes from the STEM fields, museums, history, and the natural world. Dinosaurs, spaceships, unicorns, microscopes, and many many more can be found amongst their miniature pendants. Their process has allowed them to customize pieces and really delve into people’s obsessions to create jewelry that is meaningful.

Selling at Artists & Fleas in Chelsea has allowed them to share their work with a worldwide audience and offer up the story behind each piece to our customers in-person every day. This passion for storytelling is reflected in their jewelry and is a quality that truly sets them apart. We will miss having their 3D printer hard at work in our Chelsea window each day, as it proved to be a real crowd pleaser, offering customers entertainment and education on the art of 3D printing.

Check them out before they leave, you just might fall in love with one of their delightful creations.