New Right Now at Chelsea: 9/25/17


Flutter by Katie
We’re excited to welcome Flutter by Katie to Artists & Fleas Chelsea for the very first time! Katie’s objets d’art featuring gorgeous butterflies are stunning conversation pieces that you’ll want to spend hours staring at. Each handmade sculpture is a piece of nature frozen in time, and a testament to enduring delicacy. Katie’s work is a great way to bring some nature into your home (especially for those who have trouble keeping plants alive).  Whether for gifts or wedding centerpieces, these sculptures are sure to capture everyone’s attention.


Hudson and Kings
Hudson and Kings was created in 2015 by fashion industry veteran and long-time Brooklyn resident, Lan Park. Park’s collection of embossed pillows, soaps, and other goods for your home celebrates Brooklyn’s unique charm in their vintage feel and architectural look. His designs capture the qualities associated with New Yorkers: tough, fearless, and original. Each piece is handmade by artisans from soft yet durable materials and embossed in Hudson and King’s signature styles. Scope out your favorite and stop by to take home your own piece of Brooklyn!


Dani and the Rings
Dani and the Rings was born as a collaboration between mother and daughter in celebration of the bond between mother and child, between family members, or lifelong friends. Founder Luchiya Vavouliotis crafts her pieces with the goal to redefine what fine jewelry can be, and how it should be worn. Her past experience working for brands like Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Bottega Veneta, and Hermès has helped her develop detailed craftsmanship and mastery of traditional jewelry techniques. Her pieces are intimate and meaningful, evoking a sense of timeless and effortless luxury. You’re sure to find something perfect for someone special to you, and for yourself of course!


Mercato was founded in New York 2009, by Chika who was born in Japan. Chika has a degree and work experience in photography, and she has lived in Tokyo, Paris and Rouen in France. Her line originally started with just one headscarf, but now she makes everything from summer headbands to winter hats and tote bags. Chika’s head accessory designs are fresh, fun, and colorful, you won’t be able to resist trying them on! Mercato’s tote bags and pouches feature Chika’s original photography, and her collections continue to grow as she finds more inspiration from nature.


Chacana’s accessories collection brings a splash of color to Chelsea with their hats, shoes and bags handcrafted in South America. Natural and raw materials are a key design element of their pieces, with wood taking a starring role. Chacana combines ethnic patterns and details with natural materials to combine traditions with new trends. You’ll definitely want to try on a pair (or two, or three…) of their unique sunglasses, and take home some colorful discoveries, because nature never goes out of style!


London-based MoYou brings the best in nail art to Chelsea with their colorful patterns and innovative stamping process, where engraved image plates and a stamp transfer designs to your nails within minutes. With over 700 image plates and 10,000 patterns, they stand by their motto “You dream it, we stamp it.” They currently have the largest range of stamping nail art designs in the industry, and they come out with new collections every month, so you’ll never need to have a boring mani ever again!