New Right Now in Chelsea: 2/12


Kate Koel

Each piece of Kate Koel’s jewelry is designed with passion and made by hand. Her jewelry pieces are reminders to celebrate every day and show your authentic self to the world. Her combinations of stylish geometric shapes and interiors bursting with color and glitter reminiscent of bouquets and galaxies are unique works of art that become an extension of the wearer. You’re sure to find a piece that is stunning, and as unique as you are.


NoDa Design Studio

Laser Eye - Noda Design Studio is a Brooklyn based brand that was created by NoDá Design Studio. It compiles a range of laser cut and laser-engraved home accessories, greeting cards, wall art, table games, and other innovative gifts. Inspired by the natural elements wood and fire, Noda Design Studio combines these forces using laser cutting technology to create their custom wood magic. Some of their favorite pieces to make are custom created for their customers’ dogs, how sweet is that?



Shahrzad Ghadjar is a New York native who's made her name as a coast-hopping illustrator, editor and creator of visual art. Her brain child, Spooksvilla, is a line of pins, lighters, greeting cards, prints and more emblazoned with her unique hand-drawn illustrations of mythical creatures, city scenes, and tattooed women. Self-described as “Metal-Eastern” her work spans some very esoteric subject matter, some of which is perfectly suited for the spookier season. We're totally in love with all of her creations, and with magical finds like the adult coloring book Dinosaurs Smoking Weed, who wouldn't be?


Metrix Jewelry

Metrix Jewelry was founded by Lisa Mignoli, a New Yorker and FIT graduate who takes inspiration from geometric shapes - one of the few things that will always remain constant in a city that’s in a constant state of motion. She takes comfort in the consistent nature of geometry, because a triangle will always be a triangle and a square will always have four sides. Lisa loves to combine materials that aren’t usually put together, making for a truly unique collection of jewelry that is a mix of funky and futuristic. You’re sure to find a special piece that will become a staple in your jewelry arsenal.