New Right Now in Chelsea: 2/26/2018


Tabulae Eyewear
Tabulae eyewear was born after one of the owners was fired from their corporate optical job for being “too honest” to customers and not making sales goals… go figure! Their goal is to combat overpriced brand name eyewear with affordable quality products, and they’ve been knocking it out of the park with designs that combine modern day edge with vintage style. Tabulae Eyewear believes that the perfect pair of glasses isn’t determined by the brand or price tag, but the feeling they give you when you look in the mirror, and we couldn’t agree more!


Lucky Palm Tree
After a successful career in fashion design, Kate started to create eco friendly and non-irritating clothing for her daughter. This led to her creating a line of clothing for babies and children that celebrates the beautiful world that they are learning to explore. Each design is created by Kate and her bestie Jessica, and every item is made using carefully selected materials. Their patterns and designs are inspired by music, nature, positivity, and love for NYC. With their messages of love and happiness, these adorable clothes will bring a smile to the face of anyone who experiences them.


Rhea Kulcsar
New York based jewelry designer Rhea Kulcsar gains inspiration in everything from art galleries to nightlife, runways to real people, street style to exotic destinations. Rhea’s jewelry functions as wearable art, featuring unique and unexpected combinations of beautiful materials like natural geodes, gemstones, crystals, chain and tassels. Each of her designs is guaranteed to makes a statement. If you are a lover of beautiful stones, one-of-a-kind pieces, and dainty fine jewelry, then this is a match made in heaven!


Ariana Bohling
Ariana Bohling is a Brooklyn-based handmade shoe collection. Their stunning shoe designs are created from 100% leather, and their super comfy slippers are made using cruelty free alpaca fur and wool. All of the shoes are produced in Peru by local artisans in small workshops, maintaining the tradition and quality of handcrafted shoes. Founders Ariana Bohling and Alyson Kurtz believe in fair trade practices and travel to Peru to oversee the production and development process of each collection. Swing by Chelsea and try them on, they feel as great as they look!


Dani and the Rings
Dani and the Rings was born as a collaboration between mother and daughter in celebration of the bond between mother and child, between family members, or lifelong friends. Founder Luchiya Vavouliotis crafts her pieces with the goal to redefine what fine jewelry can be, and how it should be worn. Her past experience working for brands like Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Bottega Veneta, and Hermès has helped her develop detailed craftsmanship and mastery of traditional jewelry techniques. Her pieces are intimate and meaningful, evoking a sense of timeless and effortless luxury. You’re sure to find something perfect for someone special to you, and for yourself of course!