New Right Now in Chelsea: 3/31/2018


Scentual Aroma
Eman Tabara is a mother and former medical and public health professional with a passion for natural beauty and skincare. Her goal is to make a positive impact on people’s health by creating pure, natural and effective products that are free from harmful and toxic chemicals. Each Scentual Aroma product is handmade fresh in New York City with natural, wholesome ingredients. Eman carefully chooses ingredients that will provide most benefits to your skin and hair, ultimately improving your wellbeing and vitality!


Lissette Padilla is the photographer behind The BQE. Her photos show the beauty of all of New York City’s five boroughs and the surrounding areas. She also creates photo jewelry from the photographs she has taken, creating unique pieces of wearable art. Lisette wants those who view her work to be able to sense, feel, breathe and know the history of New York through her lens. It’s her favorite city and she wants to share it with the world with art that allows people to keep a piece of NYC with them wherever they go.


Pinky Pilots
These adorable hand illustrated prints were started by two friends (Megu & Mush) from Japan with a background in art, rock & roll and a love of animals and irony. We love seeing the world through a Pinky Pilots point of view (Megu describes her style as seeing the world through the eyes of an animal!). Their art will positively energize not only a space in your home, but also a space in your heart.  


Metrix Jewelry
Lisa Mignoli founded Metrix Jewelry in 2013. Growing up in New York City, and graduating from the prestigious Fashion Institute, Lisa is used to a constant state of motion. Therefore, she takes solace in the few things that remain constant. Geometric shapes are at the center of all of Metrix Jewelry’s collections. Lisa’s love of combining materials that aren’t usually put together defines her signature style - futuristic, funky, and always unique!


Min & Mon
Min & Mon is a New York City-based handbag label dreamt up in 2015 by three friends, an artist, a musician and an architect, who were inspired by the idea that bags should be fun, changeable, and beautiful. Their bags and accessories are finely crafted in the artisan tradition of the Andes, and their signature prints and eye decals add personality to any outfit. Each piece is guaranteed to inject some creativity into your accessory game!