New Right Now in Chelsea: 4/9/2018


ISLYNYC (I Still Love You NYC, pronounced IZ-lee-en-why-see) serves up laser cut acrylic jewelry and accessories made by hand in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. These experimental statement pieces are refined and daring, walking the line between small-scale craftsmanship and the aesthetics of synthetic mass-production. ISLYNYC has worked with celebrities like Beyoncé, Madonna, Missy Elliot, and Sasha Velour.

Kate Koel.png

Kate Koel creates jewelry that finds style in the details. Her original designs are simple and easy to coordinate, with their geometric shapes and sleek colors. Kate’s Galaxy collection seeks to embody the unique and vibrant energy that runs through the universe and each individual, encouraging wearers to embrace their authentic selves. Kate approaches her craft like the continuation of a story, connecting with each piece and customer as they add her jewelry to their journey.

Rooey Knots.png

Rooey Knots is a sustainable fashion brand that transforms neckties and menswear pieces into modern, unique fashion accessories. Inspired by a love of prints and pattern mixing and devoted to sustainability, each piece is hand sewn and made with upcycled materials sourced from vintage and thrift shops and Rooey Knots customers themselves!