New Right Now in Chelsea: 4/23/2018


Glitterlimes is a collection of  jewelry made from real fruit and candy! Each item is preserved and then coated in a durable and delightfully sparkly glitter resin. Designer Debbie Tuch creates colorful, cute and sparkly pieces for everyone – from gummy bears to swirly rainbow lollipops and perfectly preserved slices of strawberries and other delightful fruits. Debbie is always on the hunt for new and exotic pieces to preserve and add to her collection, so keep an eye out to see what she comes up with next!


Rooey Knots is a sustainable fashion brand that transforms neckties and menswear pieces into modern, unique fashion accessories. Inspired by a love of prints and pattern mixing and devoted to sustainability, each piece is hand sewn and made with upcycled materials sourced from vintage and thrift shops and Rooey Knots customers themselves!


By Aris  Aris is a jewelry designer from Athens, Greece, now living in NYC. He founded Jewelry Designs By Aris in 2014, but his jewelry career didn’t start there. He first began learning the trade and working in the jewelry industry in Athens circa 1992. After he started his own jewelry business at 2001 in Athens, he expanded his business to wholesale production and built strong relationships with hundreds of customers from all over Greece. In the span of 15 years, his collections have been sold in many more stores throughout Greece, Europe, and the United States.


Pinky Pilots These adorable hand illustrated prints were started by two friends (Megu & Mush) from Japan with a background in art, rock & roll and a love of animals and irony. We love seeing the world through a Pinky Pilots point of view (Megu describes her style as seeing the world through the eyes of an animal!). Their art will positively energize not only a space in your home, but also a space in your heart.  


Ashley Carson Designs (ACD) is a true story of a passion turned business. What was merely a personal hobby quickly grew into something more after garnering attention from the jewelry she had designed for herself. Only two years since she’s launched, ACD has been featured in People, Style, Esquire, and Cosmopolitan Magazine, as well as trunk shows throughout New York City.