New Right Now at Chelsea: 6/18/2018

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YAH YAH Jewelry
We are excited to welcome YAH YAH Jewelry to Artists & Fleas Chelsea for the first time.  YAH YAH is a a minimalist jewelry line founded in 2014 by owner/designer, Andrea Zeuner. Her love for jewelry was inspired at an early age by the adornments of her world-traveling grandmother. When Andrea was very young, she was unable to pronounce her own name so she decided that her name would be "Yah-Yah" instead. Because of this, it only seemed fit to call her business YAH YAH as well. Their pieces are delicately handcrafted in our Brooklyn, NY studio using recycled brass, silver, and 14k gold. The collection draws inspiration from the marriage between simplistic geometry and the beauty of organic chaos. YAH YAH makes jewelry knowing it will be the treasure of another. It will transform into a memory to the wearer, a reminder of a loved one, or a mark of a special day. We make the jewelry, you create its story.


Metrix Jewelry
Lisa Mignoli founded Metrix Jewelry in 2013. Growing up in New York City, and graduating from the prestigious Fashion Institute, Lisa is used to a constant state of motion. Therefore, she takes solace in the few things that remain constant. Geometric shapes are at the center of all of Metrix Jewelry’s collections. Lisa’s love of combining materials that aren’t usually put together defines her signature style - futuristic, funky, and always unique!


Yania Creations
Yania was introduced to her first set of jewelry pliers by a family member in 2007. What started as a hobby – wire wrapping and working with semi precious stones – turned into a full-fledged passion. In 2008, Yania transitioned from her career as a television producer to focus her energies full-time into Yania Creations. Her beautiful designs are created with healing gemstones which are also sure to add a dose of sparkle to your ensemble. You’re sure to find a new favorite to add to your collection!