Rosé Gold: Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Trend

Rosé Gold is the beautiful moment when your rose gold jewelry matches your glass of rosé. Oh yeah – when your wine matches your jewelry, you know you've got it going on! But let's break it down one more time and answer the question we're all still curious about, what is rose gold? Is it gold? Is it natural?? Is it real???

Rose Gold

Plain and simple: rose gold is made by combining gold with a little bit of silver and a little more copper to give gold a pink tone.  So yes, it's real and it can be found naturally in parts of the Middle East. If you're sensitive to copper, it might turn your skin a little green but, because there's less precious metals than solid gold pieces, rose gold won't break the bank! 

We sat down with jewelry designer and rose gold advocate, Cynthia Rybakoff, to get her tips on when & how to wear it. 

What's your favorite way to wear it? Ideally with a tan. Right now I'm wearing a lot of white, bone and black. Rose gold is my metal of choice with all my summer neutrals plus pastels like mint, peach and baby blue.

What can you pair it with? A light fish or summer pasta with veggies. It also goes well with all white metals like sterling silver, white gold or platinum.

Do you think it's a seasonal metal? Absolutely not! Come the colder months, it looks fabulous with heavier fabrics in colors like hunter, chocolate, cranberry and navy. Rose gold with black has become a year round classic look.

Any other thoughts about rose gold? Rose gold is not just a trend any more. It's become a necessary part of a well rounded jewelry wardrobe. The warm pink metal color looks great on all skin types, and can look more sophisticated than bright gold. A versatile pair of hoops or studs, a simple chain, a few rings and a substantial cuff in rose gold are 5 easy pieces to start your own rose gold collection!

Discover your next favorite rose gold piece from Cynthia Rybakoff daily in our Soho and Chelsea Market locations. Make a purchase at our Sip & Shop party in Soho on August 17th for a chance to win a rose gold piece from Cynthia's collection!

New Right Now At Chelsea: 5/22 - 6/4

What do tree-climbing burglars, leather goods, mystic symbolism, and pillows embossed with manhole covers have in common?

Beginning Monday, May 22nd, you can find them all at Artists & Fleas in the Chelsea Market.

Meet our newest merchants -- Most Wanted USA, a leather and accessories brand inspired by rustic western pieces and intended for the dreamer and traveler; Tamara Garvey, a whimsical illustrator whose works feature animals, food, and plenty of absurdism; Myrra, jewelry intended to enhance the wearer’s mind-body-soul connection through mystic symbolism and precious metals; and Hudson and Kings, a lifestyle brand that brings the originality, edginess, and creativity of Brooklyn into your home with their collection of embossed goods.

Most Wanted USA

Most Wanted USA was founded in 2015 by two sisters with the hopes of inspiring travelers and dreamers. Their leather bags and accessories combine rustic western elements with bohemian accents to create pieces designed for men and women who are constantly on the on the go. Follow their journey on their instagram and check out their products here in Chelsea!

Tamara Garvey Illustration

Tamara Garvey is an illustrator based in Brooklyn who creates colorful works in pen and ink because she “loves having ink-stained fingers!” Her whimsical original pieces vary from featuring landscapes and animals to Nutella jars spewing rainbows and old fashioned burglars climbing trees. Take a peek at her prints and come pick out your favorite here at Artists & Fleas in the Chelsea Market.

Cup of Curiosity

Myrra is a collection of jewelry that aims to infuse mystic symbolism into the daily life of the wearer. Each intricate piece marries old-world complexity with modern sophistication and hopes to enhance the wearer’s mind-body-soul connection. Take a look and come mix and match your favorite pieces here in Chelsea.

Hudson and Kings

Hudson and Kings was created in 2015 by long-time Brooklyn resident, Lan Park. Park’s collection of embossed pillows, soaps, and other goods for your home celebrates Brooklyn’s unique charm in their vintage feel and architectural look. Each piece is handmade by artisans from soft yet durable materials and embossed in Hudson and King’s signature styles. Scope out your favorite and stop by to take home your own piece of Brooklyn!