Updated as of June 7, 2018

Artists & Fleas California, LLC LA Market Vendor Rules and Regulations

These Vendor Rules and Regulations govern Vendor conduct and the rental of booth space at each of Artists & Fleas California, LLC's (“A&F”) LA Market locations at 1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, California 90291at the Westminster Avenue Elementary School (the “Westminster Market”), each referred to herein as the “Market”.”).  Vendors must comply with, and cause their employees, contractors, agents and guests to comply with these Rules and Regulations.  Artists & Fleas (A&F) may modify these Rules and Regulations time to time for the good order, safety, care and cleanliness of the Market.

The Rules and Regulations are made a part of each Vendor Space Rental Agreement that each Vendor has have entered into with A&F.

(1)           Use of Space.

 (a)       Assigned Space. 

Spaces are assigned to vendors by A&F on or prior to the applicable Market dates.  Vendors cannot assign their space to others.

Each space measures approximately 10’ x 10,’ but size, location and configuration of individual spaces will vary.  For example, some spaces will be free-standing, some will have a wall or a fence or other structural element.  Vendors that are assigned space(s) against a wall are permitted to hang merchandise on the wall.  A&F does not have hammers and nails available, therefore please bring your own should you require them.  Please be advised that merchandise set-up cannot exceed the parameters of any assigned space.

We encourage Vendors to plan their merchandise set-up in advance. It is essential that Vendors leave room for entry and exit to their assigned space.  Therefore, Vendors may visit the Market prior to their scheduled dates of sale in order to view the space(s) and determine how to create the best display and maximize their use of the space.

Shared spaces are permitted but require prior written approval by Artists & Fleas. Vendors interested in sharing a booth should note their request in the application form and both interested parties should submit applications for review.

(b)       Permitted Merchandise.          

Vendor may use the assigned Space only for the marketing, promotion and sales of “Permitted Merchandise,” meaning only the products and/or merchandise identified and described by Vendor in the Application and approved by A&F. Vendors are not permitted to sell any additional or different merchandise without prior written approval by A&F.  A&F may require Vendor to remove any non-permitted merchandise in its sole discretion at any time.

(c)        Operating Dates & Market Hours. 

The Market is generally open to the public from 11am-5pm and in Venice from 11am-5pm (summer hours until 6pm in Venice) on the scheduled Saturday, excepting only any days that the Market is closed, and any occasional delays or early closings as A&F shall, in its sole discretion, close for inventory review, renovations, or repairs to the Market. A&F operates rain or shine. Except as otherwise provided below, Vendors only have the right to enter and use their assigned space during the Hours of Operation. 


(2)           Vendor Load-In/Set-up.

(a)           Vendor Load-In.

Vendor may access its assigned space for load-in/set-up beginning at 9am in Venice on the first day of its rental dates (“Term”).  Vendor must be completely set-up and ready to sell to the public no later than 11am. If Vendor fails to show up on time (i.e., arrival and set up prior to the required time), A&F may, within its sole discretion release the reserved space and prohibit Vendor from selling that day; Vendor’s pre-paid Rental Fee will not be returned.  Vendors may also access their assigned space for load-in/set-up as follows:

(b)           Vendor Load-Out/Tear Down.

Tear down and/or load-out may only commence once the selling day ends and the Market is closed to the public.  Vendor may not close for business at the end of any selling day prior to the closing time, unless Vendor has obtained prior written approval from A&F expressly permitting such.

Vendors must completely remove all merchandise and/or items within the Space no later than 1 hour after closing on Saturday evening.  Any items and/or merchandise remaining in the Space will be discarded after 7:00pm on Saturday evening.  Any over-sized items left behind, including, but not limited to furniture, fixtures or other merchandising materials, that are not properly disposed of may result in the assessment of an additional trash removal fee of $100.00.  Vendors must leave their space in broom-clean condition.

(3)           On-Site Services.

(a)       Equipment. 

A&F does not provide equipment rentals. Vendors are permitted to bring their own tables, chairs and other equipment to set up and merchandise their products. 

(b)       Services. 

A&F does not provide electrical outlets for vendor use. Vendors are responsible for providing their own extension cords to connect to power sources where available.  If any vendor requires electricity beyond what is reasonable and necessary it must obtain the prior approval of A&F.  Vendors are permitted to use the Market fitting rooms and bathrooms.  A&F may terminate the provision of any of the above described services in its sole discretion and without notice to vendors at any time.

(c)            Storage. 


(d)           Risk of Loss; Safety.

 Vendors are solely responsible for maintaining and securing their products and or furnishings. The use of space heaters, irons, hot water kettles and other high-wattage electrical equipment is strictly prohibited. Vendors are requested to make their power requirements known prior to set-up and are urged to employ low-watt/energy-saving light bulbs wherever possible to avoid damage to the venue’s electrical wiring and equipment.  A&F may request that certain equipment not be used at its own discretion.  A&F is not obligated to repair any damage to products and or furnishings on the premises nor is the Market responsible to replace any lost, damaged or stolen items.

(4)       Cancellation Policy. 

Vendor, may cancel its scheduled booth operations on specified rental dates by providing written notice of cancellation to A&F no later than 5:00 p.m. on the Monday immediately prior to the first day of the scheduled Term.  If proper cancellation notice is provided by Vendor, A&F will extend credit(s) for use by Vendor within 45 days of the original Term commencement date subject to scheduling by A&F, within A&F’s sole discretion; provided however, that such credits shall automatically expire if not used within the 45-day time period. Credits may not be used in November or December. Vendor and A&F may schedule another date to use the credit(s) via e-mail.  If Vendor fails to provide sufficient notice of cancellation, A&F is not required to reimburse any part of the Space Rental Fee to vendor and no credit(s) will be issued.

(5)       Licenses and Business Practices.

Vendors are required to obtain, maintain and have copies on file of all applicable California State and City of Los Angeles licenses for its operations, including, but not limited to, California Sales Tax Certificate of Authority.  Copies of Certificates of Authority must be on premises but need not necessarily be displayed.  Vendors selling food or beverages must obtain the appropriate Department of Health and Mental Hygiene permits and licenses.  All sales of food and beverages must comply with all applicable health code requirements. In addition, to the extent that A&F requests and requires additional documentation from Vendor, including other local licenses or certificates, certificates of insurance or applicable waivers etc. Vendor shall provide true and accurate copies to A&F within the time frame requested by A&F and shall maintain the validity such licenses, certificates and waivers. Venice vendors must have a Seller's Permit from the State Board of Equalization and a City of Los Angeles Business License. 

(6)       Return Policy; Price List.

Vendors must have a return policy for its customers which shall be clearly communicated.  Vendors shall maintain a price list with respect to its merchandise.  Such Price List need not be displayed, but should be available upon request by customers or A&F.

(7)       Marketing Permission.

Vendors agree to permit A&F to use the Vendor’s name, logo, product description and photographs for promotional materials and marketing purposes.

(8)       No Future Obligations to Vendor.

Vendors acknowledges that A&F is under no obligation to offer Vendor the opportunity to continue its participation at the Market for subsequent dates, or in any other A&F events.