welcome to the family

We are excited you'll be joining us at Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg, located at 70 N. 7th Street. Please read on for important information and useful tips to make the most of your market participation.


Payment Method To accept this offer and secure a space for your desired selling dates, please submit payment in full ($280 via PayPal). We will try our best to accommodate your space request but cannot guarantee a certain size or location. If you would like to rent a table (please see our Pinterest page for our current offering) and one (1) accompanying chair for your space, the cost is $20/weekend. Additional chairs cost $2/day. Please include all table and chair rentals in your payment. Note that due to limited resources, same-day table rentals are not guaranteed.

  • When paying via PayPal:

    • Please submit payment in full ($280 plus any additional rental fees) via PayPal by logging on and sending to brooklyn@artistsandfleas.com

    • Ensure that your payment is "For goods and services", NOT "friends and family"

    • Please include the dates you are scheduled to participate in the Market as a note in your PayPal payment.

    • We cannot accept e-check as method of payment.

Limited Availability Please be advised that spaces are granted on a first-to-pay basis. If the date has sold out before you make your payment, you will be given a credit good for three months from the original selling date.


Cancellation Policy Merchant may cancel their scheduled space operations on specified rental dates by providing written notice of cancellation to A&F no later than 12:00 p.m. EST on the Saturday of the weekend prior to the first day of the scheduled Term (i.e. 7 days in advance). If proper cancellation notice is provided by Merchant, Artists & Fleas will extend credit(s) for use by merchant within three (3) months of the original Term commencement date subject to scheduling by Artists & Fleas, within Artists & Fleas' sole discretion; provided however, that such credits shall automatically expire if not used within the three-month time period. Credits may not be used in November or December. Merchant and Artists & Fleas may schedule another date to use the credit(s) via email.  If merchant fails to provide sufficient notice of cancellation, Artists & Fleas is not required to reimburse any part of the Space Rental Fee to merchant and no credit(s) will be issued.


When you submitted your application, you acknowledge having read and reviewed the linked Williamsburg Merchant Space Rental Agreement  (the “Merchant Agreement”) and Williamsburg Rules and Regulations (the “Rules and Regulations”), which set forth the terms and conditions applicable to merchants at the Williamsburg market, i.e. operating hours, permitted merchandise and onsite services. The Merchant Agreement and Rules and Regulations shall automatically become a binding legal agreement between you and Artists & Fleas upon your acceptance of this offer by your payment of the Space Rental Fee.

Do Not Pay The Space Rental Fee If You Do Not Agree To Be Bound By The Terms Of The Merchant Agreement And To Rent Space For The Term.

You will receive a confirmation email within forty-eight (48) hours of payment of the Space Rental Fee. This email will confirm your use of an assigned space during the term. We make the floor plan the Wednesday prior to each selling weekend based on the particular mix of merchants booked. We will do our best to accommodate space requests, but do not guarantee a particular type of space or location at the market.


Load In The Market is open exclusively to merchants Thursday from 12pm - 5pm to load in. If this is your first time setting up shop with us, we strongly encourage utilizing this time to check out your space, meet the market management team, and load in equipment.  If you cannot make it to the Market during load in hours, merchants can arrive as early as 9am Saturday morning to begin setting up. We open our doors to the public at 10am and require all merchants to be ready to sell at that time. If your space is not open by 10am, we will invoice you a late fee of $25 via PayPal. All late fees must be completed through the PayPal invoice that was issued and paid before the end of the selling day (7 PM) in which the lateness occured.

Load Out The market closes to the public at 7pm. All shops must remain open until 7pm. Load out may begin after the market closes (7pm Sunday evening.) We cannot allow merchants to leave merchandise in the market during the week. If you are selling with us on the next consecutive market weekend, you are welcome to leave your space set-up only if payment has already been paid in full for the next selling weekend (7 days in advance).

Display We highly encourage utilizing office hours (Thursday from 12 pm- 5 pm) to make your space look as good as possible. We hear time and again from merchants that a great setup is key to a good experience at the market - this includes clear, branded signage, table display, lighting, etc. Please reference our Pinterest Page for inspiration from past and current merchants.

Lighting Merchants are requested to make their power requirements known prior to set-up and are urged to employ low-watt/energy-saving light bulbs wherever possible to avoid damage to the building’s electrical wiring and equipment. Artists & Fleas may request that certain equipment not be used at its own discretion. You are not required to bring your own lighting, but many merchants find that spotlights/clip lights/lamps are useful to their display.

Restrooms There are two merchant restrooms located at the market, one on each side of the market. Please note, these restrooms are not open to the public and are for merchant use only.

Internet We have a WIFI network on site, and we will provide you with the network name and password when you arrive. Please note - the WIFI is offered as a courtesy and Artists & Fleas cannot be held responsible for the loss of a sale in the event of any service disruption or outage. We strongly encourage you come prepared with a back-up plan to receive alternative payment methods including accepting cash, Venmo, and/or carbon copy credit card transactions.

ATM We have an ATM on site.


Our marketing and promotion includes elements such as PR, advertising, social media and more. Since first opening the market in Brooklyn in 2003, we have found that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts - in other words, everyone has an audience with whom to share information. At Artists & Fleas, we create flyers, invites and actively populate our social tags to give you the tools to promote the market and your participation in it.

When posting images and tweets about the Market, use the geotag Artists & Fleas and the hashtags #artistsandfleas, #AFinBK, #shopextraordinary.

Make sure you like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram @artistsandfleas, if you haven't already.


If you need ideas or inspiration for how to set up your space, please check out our Pinterest board on great space set-ups.


  • Signage, merchandising, and display elements CANNOT exceed 8 feet directly against the wall.

  • Elements extending from the wall or freestanding CANNOT exceed 5 ft in height

  • NO painting any walls or structural elements


  • NO Signage, merchandising, and display elements cannot exceed 5 feet.

    • NO using partitions as shelves (i.e. placing merchandise or display items on top of the walls)

  • YES Merchants can hammer into the partitions

    • NO Nails will not be provided by A&F

    • YES Remove all nails, screws and hardware at the end of your stay.

  • NO painting any walls or structural elements

    • ALTERNATIVELY paint/wallpaper can be applied to separate plywood panels and affixed to partitions.

Remember to create a booth that reflects the same level of thoughtfulness and quality as the goods you are selling!

  • YES Folding/card tables must be covered by a tablecloth

    • NO plastic/disposable tablecloths

    • YES textile table coverings

  • NO tables longer than 6 feet – they won’t fit in the space!

  • NO visible table or display risers

  • NO visible backstock, boxes, storage elements exposed to shoppers (must be hidden from view).

  • NO mismatched hangers. Hangers must all be one style and one color.

  • NO camping, outdoor, or metal folding chairs.

  • YES invest in chairs that are cohesive with your aesthetic.

  • NO hanging merchandise or display elements from the ceiling.

  • NO visible tape adhesives for hanging products.


  • YES Merchants must employ signage to distinguish their business

  • NO vinyl signs. Vinyl signs are prohibited at all Artists & Fleas locations.

  • NO signage can be hung from the ceiling


  • NO industrial clamp lights

  • NO hanging lighting without prior approval from A&F management

    • Pending approval from a Manager, all approved hanging lights must hang between 8ft & 10ft off the ground

  • NO multicolored string lights, or blinking string lights

  • YES warm lighting - lights that are too harsh or blue can be off-putting!


  • Less is more

    • Too much product can be overwhelming for shoppers to sift through.

    • All killer, no filler!

  • YES group your product into collections and allow individual pieces to shine.

  • YES highlight signature pieces with display elements or lighting

  • YES label and tag your products.


  • Business Cards

  • Credit Card Reader (A complimentary Square reader is included in your Artists & Fleas "Welcome" tote.)

  • Small change

  • Email sign-up list for your customers

  • Proper signage – the name of your brand must be displayed in and/or on your space. NO VINYL SIGNS, PLEASE.

  • Price list - either tagged on merchandise or displayed in your shop space.

  • Return policy.

  • Snacks and water.

  • A great attitude! (Read our Recipe for Market Success - Top 5 Ingredients)


We're looking forward to a great weekend with you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions:

Sophia Ventouris, Market Manager


We’re also located in Soho and Chelsea Market (great places to have a true, full-time “pop up” retail experience) and Venice (fun in the sun when the weather’s bad here). Let us know if you’re interested in selling at any of these locations in the future and we would be happy to provide you with an intro to the local market director team.


Is there parking?

There is free parking on the street, although we cannot guarantee spots. Please build in time to look for parking.

Can I arrive before 9am on Saturday to set up?

No. Doors open to merchants at 9AM, and you must be ready to sell when the doors open to the public at 10AM. If you are late, we will invoice you $25 via PayPal. The invoice must be paid before the end of the selling day in which the late entry occured. We host load in  hours for pre-weekend setup on Thursdays from 12pm - 5pm. We highly encourage coming in on Thursday to either drop off inventory or see where your space will be.

Do I have to stay until 7pm?

Yes. All merchants are required to stay until the market closes to the public at 7pm. If you choose to leave before the end of the selling day, we cannot refund you for the space rental fee.

Can I become a regular?

We process applications for "regular" merchants on a rolling basis throughout the year. After your first selling weekend, please reach out to one of the Market Managers to discuss Seasonal Selling and longer term contract options.

What is the typical price point?

Price points vary depending on the type of product, but we strongly suggest having a wide range of price points in order to appeal to different customers.

 Will I have time to shop the market?

Of course! Towards the end of the market day, you can browse the market, meet your fellow merchants, and see all of the great merchandise they have to offer.