Billyburg’s Best & Brightest

Between the hype (believe it, believe it) of newfangled shaved ice phenom The Shaved Ice Shop making their Brooklyn borough debut on Sunday (see above, see the NYTimes) and Bushwick’s Little World Design bringing home the horticultural obsession that are wearable terrariums, you might think you’ve died and gone to heaven. If heaven were indeed an indoor market of some of the most sinfully cool artists, designers and vintage collectors this side of the East River. Pinch us. We must be dreaming. Alas, we are not. Hallelujah. This is straight-up for real.

mini-terrariums-jewelryLittle World Designs is pulling out all the stops and showcasing a life’s passion for making objects of art inspired by and taken from the natural world. Jewelry (photo, below right), hemp-rope constructed bookshelves, terrariums that can live on a chain around your neck or floating freely on your desk, there’s a bit of beauty inside each and everyone of the things that Tamar Builder creates. Saturday & Sunday

Wildfell Hall Vintage is Kiwi native, Brooklyn transplant Amy Thorowgood’s vintage extravaganza that takes a bit of life from the Southern Hemisphere (check your geography lessons) and mixes it up with a walk back in time. Voila! A remixed love affair of cool and kitsch and stuff to call your own. Saturday & Sunday

Dolls & Robots is textiles and vintage get-ups for kids. They’re never too young to appreciate the way things used to be made. Jessica Starkweather shows us why this Sunday.

Carrier Pigeon is this nifty art and illustration magazine that reached out and asked to set up shop. Not only did we dig the name and the design sensibility but we’ve been feeling that pigeons are so right on and off the moment, making fools of the owls with their infinite wisdom and uncanny creativity. Saturday & Sunday

Mmm mmm…EsJay Designs has the spice and takes it to life. And while we restrain ourselves from making Summer heat quips, these folks have a flair for fashion and have the perfect antidote for your T-shirt wearing woes. Saturday only

Passion for flashin’? Giadele has the jewels. Things that go sparkle, shine, I want mine. Some are wicked and some are wild so be nice and only speak when spoken to, but try them on and look good, good looking. Saturday only

Food isn’t just for the fair-weather fans. Our little food roster has been steadily shaping up and it’s climaxing this weekend with things sweet and savory and cool for your palette. Keep it real in real time with our Twitter feed where the ice cream sammy slingers from Coolhaus will reveal their flavors du jour while the taco-minded Brooklyn Taco cats whip up some more fabuloso July Summer fare. It’s all going down in Williamsburg with tip off at 10am.



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