FAQs Artists & Fleas merchants

What are the conditions for brands to apply?

We look for story, originality, quality, personality and price points as well as a strong digital presence. Here are some of our criteria that we consider when reviewing applications:

  • Originality: We’re always looking for products or collections that stand out and will attract shoppers.
  • Quality: We’re sticklers when it comes to crafts(person)ship.
  • Your involvement: It’s important that you have a hand in the design and/or production of each product. We’re a maker’s market, after all! 
  • Branding: We look for a cohesive brand experience—from your online communications to your IRL display. That means no unfinished websites, blurry photos or confusing branding.
  • Social presence: Speaking of your online presence, we prioritize brands with an active Instagram presence.
When will I hear back about my application?

We accept and review applications on a rolling basis. You can usually expect to hear back from us within 72 hours!

What business certifications and forms do I need in order to sell?

In order for us to accept your application, you must provide your EIN or Tax ID number. While we can’t offer you specific legal advice or guidance, we highly recommend you reference the IRS website for more detailed information.

What size space will I have?

Space size offerings vary between locations. For details regarding space sizes and orientations, please contact the market team via email at booking@artistsandfleas.com for questions about the location you’re interested.

Do you offer sales support or staff?

As available, we provide Artists & Fleas community members with access to a network of salespeople for hire and additional recommended resources to help support your brand and your business. For additional questions, please ask a Market Manager or team lead at the market of your choice. 

Do you have storage available?

We do not offer any storage at our markets. Returning merchants have the option of leaving their set-up, display and merchandise at our marketplaces when they are closed but we assume no responsibility for any items left on-site.

Are your terms of rent flexible?

Artists & Fleas offers numerous booking arrangement based on location and availability. We generally suggest that all merchants try the market once to start and and decide if it’s a good fit. When you’re ready, we can discuss your business goals.

Can I share a space with another artist or maker?

Artists & Fleas does not permit the sharing of selling spaces in our markets. If you’re interested in selling in any of our markets at the same time as a friend or creative partner, we encourage you to book your selling dates as close to each other as possible. It’s always fun to have a friend in the market!

Does Artists & Fleas provide furniture or any other display pieces for merchants?

In Chelsea & Venice, you are responsible for all materials required for your display.

In Williamsburg, Regeneration and Atlanta, you can rent a table and chair for $20 dollars. Please make your request during the time of booking as equipment is limited. 

If we’re doing well, can we choose to stay in our space for additional weeks?

We encourage merchants to book all stays well in advance. We’re always booking dates for the future, so there’s no guarantee that a specific space will be available for a merchant in the future unless they’ve confirmed it with payment and a completed agreement.

Do I have to work my booth every day?

We require all shops to be open each day for the the full selling day. As a market of makers, we encourage every merchant to be present to connect with shoppers and share their story. That said, it’s not uncommon for our merchants to utilize sales representatives to cover shifts throughout the week.

I'd like to know more about selling at Regeneration.

We have a separate FAQ for our Regeneration community here.