American Made Summer – Part 4

Dap-Kitsch-mens-bowtiesThey say that necessity is the mother of invention. That’s the way Tyler Estes, the man behind fashionable bow-tie up-and-comer Dap Kitsch, started when he couldn’t find ones that he liked. Tyler takes his quest for unique fabrics deep into the obscure corners of New York’s Garment District plunging into the depths of vintage textile piles where ever he can find them. Then he goes to work making his originals.

Like the best of ‘em in Brooklyn, Tyler works out of his apartment studio for now meticulously cutting and sewing the patterns that will be destined for that dapper dude on whatever occasion beckons (Father’s Day is Sunday, June 16th!). Before creating wearable men’s accessories, Tyler got his NYC credentials at Patricia Field  where he was THAT GUY wearing those hip and funky ties. When people asked where he got them, he had to explain that he made them. When people asked where they could get them, he had to explain that he didn’t sell them. Until one fine day when he made more and rolled the dice on whether or not people would embrace them as their own.

They did. They have. And history is still being written. That’s what makes a great American Made story.