Fire and Ice for Your Summer Sizzle

produce-fresh-summer-in-the-citySummer in the City. It’s no joke. In Williamsburg, folks take the juxtaposition of brands and creative concepts seriously. So without irony we are thrilled to welcome 2 exciting debuts to the market this weekend – among the many other folks coming back with vintage hauls and handmade treasures.

Ice & Vice is gonna blow your mind with their category-defying approach to the craft of ice-cream making. Part alchemy, part artistry, pure wow, Ken Lo and Paul Kim bring the show to the market with flavor offerings that include popcorn with toasted raisin and chocolate flakes, salted bacon butter caramel with bacon praline, Vietnamese iced coffee with donut truffles, and crème fraîche with rose petal jam. This is the stuff that makes believers of us all! Saturday only

Produce Fresh Apparel is graphic designer Wilson Griffin’s fresh (ahem) apparel outfitter with graphics that fuse some retro graphic stylings with the contemporary hipness and attitude that makes all things brand Brooklyn envy-worthy (see photo). Saturday & Sunday

What would a weekend in Williamsburg be without some fashion and flair? Filippo Gurrieri’s Sunset Boulevard returns with vintage fineries galore and Jocelyn Shipley’s Helveta  Vyotlag is back with her mind-blowing, eye-catching collection of futuristic wooden jewelry and accessories.