Designers on the Move

Lockhart WorksEvery weekend marks the beginning and, for some, the end of a stint selling at the market. This weekend is no different and we call out 2 designers who’ve quickly become family – Rebecca Lockhart of Lockhart Wrks (see photo) in Williamsburg and Tammy Gia of b5linenyc in Chelsea. Both designers take, make and create their inspirations largely from metals and playfull mix metals in their design of costume jewelry creations. What’s more so, both have made A&F their home and cultivated a following during their residences selling at the markets.

This weekend marks the end (for now…) for Lockhart Wrks of a 3-month long show in Williamsburg; b5linenyc goes on hiatus for a couple of weeks before returning in a big way later this Spring at Chelsea Market. Check each of them out and put some bling into your Spring this weekend.

Artists & Fleas is open in Williamsburg this Saturday & Sunday from 10AM-7PM and daily at Chelsea Market (corner of 10th Avenue and West 15th Street) from 10AM-9PM.


Finding the Next Basquiat?

Chelsea Art DOJO StudiosThis we know to be true.

Artists come to New York to create. Art lovers come to New York to discover. The two compulsions are strong and they’ve shared a mutually beneficial relationship for decades as the flow of talent runs unabated and the hunger obsession for finding that which is beautiful, inspiring and thought-provoking in art is an unquenchable one.

We’ve long prided ourselves on creating a place where art lives and thrives. With our return to Chelsea Market this month, we’ve intentionally sought to amp up the arts within the market mix. It’s not just a Chelsea thing. It’s a belief thing and it’s a mission thing and, quite simply, it’s something we need to do because market life wouldn’t be interesting without art.

Over the next several weeks, there will be several new visual and mixed media artists joining the Artists & Fleas family at Chelsea Market. NYC artists like illustrator and painter Ray Sumser and photographer Matt Schwartz of She Hit Pause Studios join folks like Mike Lindwasser, Faune Yerby and Kevin Marcell in blowing up our arts quotient.

Art is everywhere. Look up and look around.

Squa(RED) & You & Us

Square and Squa(RED) readerWe are honored and humbled to be one of a select number of New York City retailers to participate in the exciting partnership between Square and (RED).

NEW YORK – Feb. 19, 2014 – Today, in partnership with AIDS organization (RED), Square debuted a Special Edition SQUA(RED) Reader, bringing the color red to the company’s hardware products and enabling local sellers and their customers to play a role in one of the greatest challenges of our time — the fight to end AIDS. Sellers in the United States can get a Special Edition SQUA(RED) Reader online at Read the full press release here.



Leroys Place and the beat boxRetail is always a bit random and unpredictable. No matter what the scientists, trend predictors and so-called experts may say, there’s a lot of left brain and right brain stuff that happens. But then there’s also market magic, the stuff of randomness. It’s the pixie dust of market life.

Check Leroys Place moves to Zounds, a priceless little video of former Boston b-girl crew member Serene B. of Leroys Place doing her thing to the beats of Sunday’s resident DJ Turmix in front of the absolutely smashing and hip tower of power of Zound Electronics up cycled vintage suitcases refashioned into modern-day beat-boxes says it all. Shit just happens. Spontaneously. Always. It’s what we call marketlife and you can follow it (on Instagram) and add to it (obviously) with that simple little hashtag. Or just come and see it and live it for yourself with us in Williamsburg. Ground zero for #marketlife.

Score Vintage this Superbowl Weekend

Superbowl-Weekend-Vintage-Shopping-Event-WilliamsburgWhile NYC plays host to the big game, we are hosting and holding our own Superbowl Weekend fete the only way we know how: with a truly alternative version of merry-making mayhem. Destination:Williamsburg, a super Superbowl vintage sales event brings together over 20+ sellers of fine vintage fashion, apparel, accessories, housewares, kitsch, vinyl & more.

Destination:Williamsburg happens all weekend at Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg – for more info, check out the Facebook invite and follow our feeds for sneak peeks, choice picks, participating sellers and deals.

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide


Boom. You just realized that somewhere between those holiday party open bars and non-stop dinners with friends you only see right around this time of year, that the holidays are closing in on you. And whether you are one to procrastinate or contemplate or hesitate, chances are you’ve barely made a dent in your holiday shopping. Everyone has a recommendation for you on where and when.

We’ve got them all beat this year.

Our nifty gift guide comes to you in doses (3 items daily through 12/24 or you can cheat and click here for the complete list!) that will make even the most angsty shopper feel at ease. After all, what we do and have been doing all along is offering a fresh and funky one stop shop set up for you to discover. And if you haven’t been by in a while to check us out weekends in Williamsburg or daily at Chelsea Market, we’re pretty sure that what you’ll find may just be one of the most kick-ass, finger-on-the-pulse moments of what is innovative, fresh and hip in the world of fashion, design and art you’re going to find anywhere else.

The time is now, the place is here and here.



Picks for a Handmade Holiday

AnotherWorkInProgress-Vintage-notebooksSay handmade and you’re bound to get a zillion and one interpretations depending on who you’re talking to. Mom in Kenosha has a very different understanding of it than your brother slumming it in Silver Lake. We’re keeping things clear and classy when we talk handmade this holiday season. And  A&F Market Biz Ops’ honcho Laura has a few of her faces for the gift-giving season.

When you need a break from your iPhone, certifiably cool and old school Journals from Another Work in Progress do the trick. They are perfect gifts for that slightly analog mom who doesn’t always want to put it all into iCal.

You know the saying it’s better to look good than to feel good. Truth in advertising gets one-upped with nail polish from Cirque Colors with their wild and fab chemical-free line of polishes that satisfy looking and feeling great. Total Secret Santa surprise and crowd-pleaser!

Kids young and old (and parents) LOVE puppets and stuffed animals. You don’t believe us? Just look around! Getting something special and handmade CUSTOM (yes, custom) from Puppet Fluff is beyond awesome. And it’s truly and uniquely one-of-a-kind, ain’t two ways about it.

For those must-have, grab-and-go gifts that are consummate crowd pleasers and never fail, you can’t go wrong with organic cotton holiday bibs from Twinko and the Chalk Board Tee Shirt from Class Attire.

For more handmade holiday gifts that take the whole notion of cool artisan goods to a new level, drop into the market this weekend in Williamsburg and daily at Chelsea Market or hit up one of these fabulous makers at their online shoppes this season.

A to Z: The Holiday Gift Guide



Below is a list of items included in our 2013 Gift Guide. Inventory availability and vendor participation may vary by date and market location (Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Chelsea Market). Please visit the respective seller websites for specific product information and availability or email for more information.








Gypsy Nation Vintage: Assorted vintage jewelry pieces including Robert Goossens hand belt/necklace ($600) and early 19th Century brass and snake necklace ($388).

Churoncalla: Vintage and up-cycled jewelry created from typewriter keys, silverware and other found objects including the fork ring ($30), from $20-$45.

CuratedBasics:  Turquoise Diamond Socks, Cotton Blend Knitt with a modern argyle pattern, $10 each or 3 for $25.









Georgia Varidakis: Bone and chain bangle ($78), geode stud earrings ($120) and other fine jewelry and accessories.

TNEMNRODA: Custom sunglasses hand-adorned with porcelain flowers and plated metal pieces, $80-$188.

The Spooky Boutique Vintage: Whiting & Davis 1970s spider mesh necklace ($178), 1970s pouch purse ($128), 1950s beaded evening bag ($275) and other early and mid-century vintage jewelry and accessories.

Afshaan Rahman: One-of-a-kind necklaces designed with crystals, semi-precious stones and metals.

Vusion: Retro polarized oak wooden sunglasses made from sustainable woods, $145.

Cam ci Cam ca: Multi-gold flower headband with hand-painted faux flowers and vintage brass chain, $125. Side gold flower headband, $95.

blissfulCaseNY: Original, limited edition design iPhone cases, $24-$29.

Pamela Barsky: Pouches with wit, attitude and charm, $12-$20.

Atlantis Jewelry: 14K yellow gold and champagne diamond heart and star necklaces (assorted, $295) and 14K rose gold and champagne diamond oval ring, $495.

Pigeon be Pigeon: Brooklyn-based cut-and-sew and screen print studio one-sies ($20), hand-knit sweaters ($45), bronze-cast button beanies ($15) and more.

Handmade by Sara Cramer: Modern, beaded jewelry using square glass beads. Bracelets pictured range from $45-$125.

Shara Porter: hand-printed leather and vegan bags, wallets and card holders, $20-$50.

Chalkboard Tees: Chalkboard t-shirts in assorted colors and styles for children and adults, $25-$30 by Class Attire.

FSMNYC: Safety Pin Necklace, $58 and Rose & Silver Body Harness, $98.

A Monday Market Recap


Holiday shopping in Williamsburg

We’ve got to give it up to the folks who brought it and brought it big this past weekend including old friends and newlywed Amber TaxidermyCIRQUE and newish old friends and soon-to-be-dear old friends Twinko and beroep jewelry. Tried and true but the saying is so right-on: there’s something for everyone on your list and you should be on top. After all, you’ve got to look out for Numero Uno when you shop this holiday season. It’s what keeps things moving. The goodness continues throughout the month with new folks making their holiday market appearances over the next couple of weekends in Williamsburg and some hot, new debuts coming to our Chelsea Market digs every Monday beginning today!


Holiday Gifting, Shopping and Market-ing

holiday-gift-guide-at-the-marketEvery year we say it, we do it, and we mean it. The market is your one-stop shop for holiday gift-giving. Of course folks can do the classically convenient (and somewhat lame) version of the one-click which ensures that your stuff is pre-wrapped, addressed, shipped & delivered. But if you’re into the experience of shopping for the simple, selfish pleasure of finding yourself a little something on the side, then permit us to hook you up this weekend in Williams-burg and at Chelsea Market where you can talk, touch and try things from 80 artists, designers and vintage collectors with a little something for everyone on your list.

ricky-becker-vintage-williamsburgAnd if you’ve got some clicking you want to do, we’ve compiled a little walk down memory lane through some of our past Gift Guides that tell an interesting story across time and style including a Brooklyn-style shopper’s cheat sheet circa 2010 (oh my!) and a top picks from the Spooky Boutique’s vintage maestro Ricky Becker (right).

While you’re at it, put a bow on it.

Artists & Fleas is open weekends in Williamsburg, Brooklyn from 10AM-7PM and daily inside Chelsea Market from 10AM-7PM.