Vinyl Boogaloo with Soul

Dj-Turmix-BoogalooSunday market-goers know the afternoon beat and many stick around to let the music take them some place. DJ Turmix is a veteran DJ on the New York scene with global connections and world influences. Turmix, aka Carlos Vera, spins vinyl 45s of classic boogaloo, soul, funk, jazz and more each and every Sunday at the market in Williamsburg — tune in starting at 1:30pm for your post-brunch beat and bop while you shop. He pulled together a selection of 60s soul exclusively for A&F. Check it here and turn it up for your Tuesday jam session.

Roadtripping a Vintage Wanderlust

coast-to-coast-vintage-brooklynWant to know what the antidote for vintage-obsessed wanderlusters living in the Information Age is? It’s called get up and go and Coast-to-Coast Mobile Vintage seems to have figured it out. This past weekend, collectors Jaimee Dormer and her boyfriend Adam brought a cross-section of their handpicked women’s vintage clothing to Williamsburg to tease and kick off the start of their coast to coast road trip. The couple recently remodeled a 1970s Serro Scotty camper and turned it into a mobile vintage bazaar complete with a teepee as a dressing room! Follow their exploits as they hunt, pick, wander and sell this Spring and Summer.


A Brooklyn Community, Pure and Simple

a-motley-crewCommunity, like curated and authentic, feels like a played-out term. Hell, come to think of it, invoking Brooklyn when speaking of it in the abstract way as in “Brooklyn is more a state of mind than an actual place…” is also a bit tired and lame. But we hear folks use the word community a lot when they speak of Artists & Fleas. And while it wasn’t quite part of our market manifesto or inked into our upper left shoulder when we first started the market in 2003, creating a place that lived and breathed based on the people who came and continue to come and be part of the family of artists and fleasters was very much a core goal. It continues to this day. And each weekend brings another gathering of the tribe, another random photo of new friends and old.

Thanks to Michele (aka the Collected Collage) for bringing some of her Philly flea love to Brooklyn each weekend since the Fall. Brooklyn will miss you.

(Above from L to R: Scott/FatherPanik, Kendell/Cloud Coffee, Michele/Collected Collage, Scarlett/Bone Thugs, Melissa/Melissa Draugsvold, Ricky/The Spooky Boutique Vintage)

Sweatertoys, so Twee, so Sweet

caitlin-goes-anthroSure, we’re all just kids at heart but like kids today, we’ve got that bit of edge and eco- social awareness that makes us a little different. And that’s why we LOVE Sweatertoys, Caitlin Wicker’s genius spin on recycled sweater and vintage fabrics cleverly adapted and repurposed for today’s know-it-all kids. Caitlin has popped in and out over the years at A&F and recently landed herself and her lovely little duck at that home to fashion-for-the-rest-of-us, Anthropologie. So if you’re not in Williamsburg to score, you can be anywhere in the world and get your hands on a little hip, plush cuteness.


Flashback with Cyclical Industry

cyclical_industriesSince first setting up at the market less than 2 years ago, FIT grad artists and industrial designers Sean Kwac and Suhyun An, have catapulted their cycling-inspired jewelry and accessories design line, Cyclical Industry, into a thriving enterprise with a spin-off brand – Blissfulcase NY – dedicated to high-concept iPhone cases and more. In doing so, Sean and Soo have become regulars holding sales with (the current sale ends tomorrow!) and even getting picked up recently by a MoMA design store buyer perusing the market in Williamsburg. Here’s their story.

 1) When did you first sell at Artists and Fleas?  August 2011

2) What’s your fondest memory from that day? My first customer was a mom and little daughter who loved red so they bought matching bracelets.

3) What don’t you miss from that day? I was so nervous that when I was adjusting sizes, my hands were shaking.

4) What’s your most memorable customer interaction? A bride came in looking for friendship necklaces and bracelets for herself and her brides maid. I was so happy to be part of her memorable wedding preparation and she sent me wedding photos months later.

5) What’s your secret weekend snack? I love DuMont burger and Verb coffee.

6) What’s your proudest moment? I first started selling my collection (see photo) three years ago and the designs were original and no one had them. All of a sudden, they were everywhere so I felt mine weren’t unique enough. But earlier this year, I was selected by the MoMA Design Store for their 2013 catalog so I took a lot of courage and joy from that and will keep creating!

Check out the fabulous collections from Cyclical Industry and BlissfulcaseNY each and every weekend at the market in Brooklyn and see what can happen when you flea!


Makin’ It: Fare Well Trading

fare-well-trading-brooklynAli and Mia of Fare Well Trading have combined their interests in vintage and architectural salvage and tastes for all things Brooklyn-ish to curate an incredible collection of antique adornments. Victorian portraits, vanity accessories, and Deco period home décor are just a few treasures you’ll find.

The two started collecting antiques for re-sale only 2 months ago after they took some road trips to New England to hunt flea markets. They each have creative day jobs (visual merchandiser and tattoo artist, respectively) and it shows in their aesthetic. Aside from just selling super rad antiques, they also upcycle Black Forest deer skulls from Germany, mounting them on vintage wooden plaques, adding funky backgrounds, and even studs to some.

Keep up with these gals via @farewelltrading as they go places and make future appearances at the market in Williamsburg.



In Mad Love With Rubina

Rubina-clutches-BrooklynIt’s rare that we gush so effusively. But when designer and artist booster Kari Litzmann brought Rubina to market this past weekend, we were blown away. And we haven’t stopped thinking about her collection.

Kari and a design partner are making it in the world of remixing old and new – tapping into traditional forms of craft-making and mashing them up with contemporary design. The West Bengali technique of shantiniketan is comprised of embossing and hand-painting goat leather. Rubina employs 6 artisans in Kolkata in taking this traditional craft and turning it into market-ready marvels. Dig the colors, the textures and the stories. Kari was on to tell the stories behind the work last weekend and she returns this Saturday, March 9th to Williamsburg to do it all over again.

Follow Rubina’s story on Twitter and Facebook

3 Ways to Shop Markets

enchanted-forestIt doesn’t matter if you grew up in markets or got turned onto them as a weekend fling, chances are if you’ve been spending time with us these past few months or done any Brooklyn flea marketing, you’ve undoubtedly asked yourself what kind of market-goer you are. As veteran marketers (as they call us) who do marketing (as they call it, truth) for a living, we took a step back and asked ourselves what’s the best way to shop and flea? And while lists are great blog-fodder, we took this assignment to heart.

1) Go with the flow: depending on the market and the extent to which it’s overly-curated and overly-designed, many markets take flow seriously. Where you walk, how you walk, how fast you walk – these things matter. And while they may not be engineered the way traffic is in Times Square, there’s a method to the madness. Don’t try to out-smart it. Go with it. Be zen about it.

2) Go with no plan: any market worth its salt is part discovery to equal part surprise. If you’ve got a plan (I need to find a pair of roller skates or I cannot leave until I find Prince’s 1999 on vinyl), you’ve got an expectation that will probably leave you disappointed. So drop it. Don’t have a plan. Let the market unfold in front of you.

3) Listen and linger: the magic of the markets is the sensory overload and the relief from that overwhelmingness and sense of intimacy that stepping into a seller’s space provides. Do yourself the favor of listening to what sellers’ stories are. They’re constantly crafting them and they’re there for you.

There’s no doubt that others have their own market approaches. Got a strong pov on something we missed? Tease us…tell us. We are infinitely curious to know.


Makin’ It: Vintage Duds for Cool Dogs

bone_thugsShari Neal and Scarlett Cussell are Artists & Fleas regulars who’ve bonded over vintage clothes and their love for dogs. This past weekend they birthed a lovechild of sorts, fusing their passions and introducing Bone Thugs, a hip new line of cool street wear for dogs.

The first collection is a Winter-weather appropriate hoodie, embellished with vintage army patches from the 1940s, sewn on by the two, and modeled by their precious pups (pictured above) Buffy and Oscar.

On the horizon is a complete line to include leashes, collars and toys ’cause cool kids need awesome vintage gear for their favorite four-legged friends. Check ‘em out this weekend — a great Superbowl party pick-up.

Williamsburg Flashback with Helene Pe

Helene-Pe-jewelry-and-artFrom time to time, we look back and revisit some of the core artists and designers that make up what we call “the family” here at Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg. This week, we chatted with Helene Pe, a French transplant with a decidedly tres Brooklyn flair.

When did you first sell at Artists & Fleas? About two years and a half ago.

What’s your fondest memory from that day? I was very excited to sell my work for the first time in New York and I had really positive reactions, comments and laughs!


What don’t you miss from that first day? I was so scared, I couldn’t talk to anyone.

What’s your most memorable customer interaction? Sacha Baron Cohen (“Borat”) bought a necklace for his wife at my booth, this happened in few seconds, but I remember picturing him with a red wrestling suit while he was going away with his family and laught to myself.

What’s your secret weekend snack? Fresh fruits!

What’s your proudest moment? Every time I sell an original painting. I’m always so happy and proud when someone brings a little piece of me into their home!

Enter the imaginarium of Helene Pe each and every weekend in Williamsburg at Artists & Fleas on North 7th Street where Helene holds it down with her mighty cat paintings, exquisite hand-made jewels and her wit and charm.