Q: Is there an entry fee? 

A: Nope! As always, Artists & Fleas is free and open to the public at all market locations.

Q: Do merchants take credit cards?

A: Most merchants accept credit cards, and for those who don’t, we provide an ATM on premises. Many prefer cash, though.

Q: Is there parking?

Brooklyn Street parking is available all around Williamsburg.
Chelsea Street parking is limited but there are nearby garages available.
Venice There is street parking and paid valet that ranges from $8-$15/day.

Q: Is the market wheelchair and stroller accessible?

A: Yes, all four markets are located on the ground floor with aisles large enough to accommodate wheelchairs, strollers, or other mobility vehicles.

Q: Can I bring my dog?

A. Yes, but be prepared to buy him everything his little furry heart desires.

Q: Will my favorite merchants be there every weekend?

A. They may be. Some merchants sell with us on a permanent basis while others cycle through at various intervals. Follow your favorite merchants’ social channels to see where they’ll be next!

Q: I got this awesome item, but now I want to buy more of it! Can I find it online?

A. Artists & Fleas is gearing up to launch our online store in 2017.  You can also check out our Merchant pages for direct access to their e-commerce shops, or email us at info@artistsandfleas.com and we'll try to send you in the right direction.

Q: Do you have products for men, too?

A. Yes, we have a range of market finds that appeal to all ages, genders, and breeds.

Q: I’m hungry. Do you sell food at your markets?

Brooklyn From Spring through late fall we have food merchants outside who offer a variety of tasty treats.
Chelsea There isn’t food available inside our market but Chelsea Market offers a wide variety of the best restaurants and food shops in all of Manhattan.
Venice There are 4-5 food trucks as well as many merchants that sell food and baked goods.

Q: Do you have bathrooms?

Brooklyn We have a public restroom located in the front of the market.
Chelsea We do not have a public restroom but Chelsea Market has multiple
Venice We have restrooms located behind the school.

Q: It's hot out! Are your markets air conditioned?

A. Brooklyn and Chelsea are nice and chill, thanks to our air conditioning units. LA is always nice, because it’s LA.

Q: Can I rent out your space for a party?

A. No, but you can attend our Sip & Shop parties. Sign up for our email below to find out about the next one.

Q: Will I see famous people?

A:  Quite possibly! Many notable celebs have been known to shop at our markets, and some have become regular visitors.