We love cool stuff. We love to shop. We love the thrill of discovery. And we especially love discovering new things in out-of-the-way places where we can meet the people behind the scenes who made it, found it and brought it to market. Artists & Fleas was a way to bring all the things we loved together to a community in Brooklyn that was creative and dynamic but lacked a place to come together. Today, Artists & Fleas is a Williamsburg institution and has become known around the world as a place where shoppers and buyers find unique designs and local artists, creators and vintage collectors can come to meet their market in an atmosphere that’s rooted in the tradition of old world markets with a firm foot in what is contemporary, original and hip.

In 2014, we embarked on our most significant endeavor in our 10-year history by creating a full-time, permanent home for Artists & Fleas at Chelsea Market in Manhattan. After a series of shorter residences ranging from week-long pop-ups to a 6-month Summer into Holiday market at Chelsea Market in which we curated a market within a market designed to showcase individual artists, designers, makers and collectors, we return in a major way this Spring by bringing a bit of brand Brooklyn to the heart of hip Manhattan on the far West Side of the island. In so doing, we believe that we are continuing to give the creative community a home in one of the greatest cities of the world.

Artists & Fleas is a community for those who love to sell and a destination for those who love to shop.

Hang out, check out and shop with us.

Amy Abrams & Ronen Glimer