The Market
In December 2003, we opened Artists & Fleas in an empty warehouse on N. 6th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The market was established as a weekly marketplace to bring together emerging artists, indie designers, vintage collectors and enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a place to show and sell together. As an alternative to a retail setting, the relaxed, but energized, environment offered a way for sellers to get feedback directly from shoppers and network with fellow creative folks. In a city full of creative, enterprising individuals, there was no place that gave talented individuals the opportunity to set up and sell for a day in friendly, fun and welcoming space exposed to the rich and diverse pedestrian traffic of Williamsburg. The market was quickly embraced by the community. 

Part community gathering spot, part hipster haven, Artists & Fleas has hosted thousands of artists and merchants since opening its doors. It's a place where buyers find unique designs, artists and vintage collectors in an atmosphere that’s in the tradition of old world marketplaces with a firm foot in what is contemporary, original and hip.

Part community gathering spot, part hipster haven, Artists & Fleas has hosted thousands of artists and merchants since opening its doors.

We love cool stuff. We love to shop. We love the thrill of discovery. And we especially love discovering new things in out-of-the-way places where we can meet the people behind the creations who made it, found it and brought it to market. Artists & Fleas was a way to bring all the things we loved to a community that was creative and dynamic but lacked a place to come together.

Now in its 13th year, Artists & Fleas continues to build a cooperative community gathering place for artists, designers, and collectors at a daily market inside Chelsea Market in Manhattan, weekends in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Saturdays in Venice, and on the second and fourth Saturday of the month in the Arts District in Los Angeles. 

With new merchants each week, DJs spinning, guest entertainers, and unique market events, Artists & Fleas never offers the same experience twice. It is a community for those who love to sell, and a destination for those who love to shop.


The Founders
Amy and Ronen grew up in Chicago in homes filled with stuff and stories collected by their parents from travels worldwide. They share an appreciation for craft and creativity, which fuels their own wanderlust.

Amy is co-founder of In Good Company, co-designer of the fashion collection Bon Voyage, and a personal stylist. Amy applies her entrepreneurial instinct and love of vintage and fashion to A&F strategy and special events. 

After a decade building a national marketing organization for an NYC-based start-up, in 2010, Ronen shifted his focus to grow Artists & Fleas full time, expanding to Chelsea Market and LA. In addition to scouting new ventures for the brand, he leads the business's marketing efforts.