The Market

Artists & Fleas is a marketplace of makers - tastemakers, experience creators, designers, collectors and curators. Together, this creative community of shoppers & sellers comes to discover and be discovered.

The modern shopping experience is one of isolation - click and deliver. From its inception, Artists & Fleas has and continues to be a conductor of human-to-human transaction  - where stories are as plentiful as products and the thrill of discovery awaits.

Our marketplace is defined by the community of shoppers and sellers that champions self-expression. Independent makers thrive in a nurturing environment supported by consumers who shop locally. Conversations, connections and relationships unfold.

We are a place for artists, designers and vintage curators to find new homes for their creations and for shoppers to find themselves in the objects they discover.

Artists & Fleas is more than shopping. It’s a place to discover and be discovered.

Artists & Fleas

The Founders

Amy and Ronen grew up in Chicago, in homes filled with stuff and stories collected by their parents from travels worldwide. They share an appreciation for craft and creativity, which fuels their own wanderlust.

Amy is co-founder of In Good Company, co-designer of the fashion collection Bon Voyage, and a personal stylist. Amy applies her entrepreneurial instinct and love of vintage and fashion to Artists & Fleas strategy and special events. 

After a decade building a national marketing organization for an NYC-based start-up, in 2010, Ronen shifted his focus to grow Artists & Fleas full time, expanding to Chelsea Market and LA. In addition to scouting new ventures for the brand, he leads the business's marketing efforts.