I Must Draw specializes in quirky paper goods, namely greeting cards which are printed hand drawn sketches from the imagination of Desiree B. the accessories line features Oh so cute wood engraved magnets, gift tags and pins.

KT Ferris Creations
Kt's inspiration comes from the unknown in the deepest parts of nature, the all seeing eye and the urge to make people feel good.  Kt Incorporates blinking doll eyes as a shield of protection encased in bursts of life using crystals, spikes, precious stones and various metals.

Sarubbi Print Collection
The Sarubbi Print Collection is a family business from Firenze, Italy, specializing in hand water colored lithography and fine prints. Their collection includes botanicals, maps, city views, wildlife, architecture, astrology, and much more.


Ray Sumser's Cartoon Universe 
Bushwick artist Ray Sumser thinks art should be fun and reward repeat viewing. His Cartoon Universe drawings and paintings are encyclopedic
catalogues of all things pop-pictoral. 



The people of Tintypebooth aim to share their interest in tintype photography with the world. They use vintage photographic techniques and materials in a kit that allows them to process these unique photographic artifacts in any location.


Luke Hobbs Design
Luke Hobbs is a Los Angeles-based artist who specializes in lighting, furniture design and fabrication. Luke has developed a fascination with industrial, vintage, and eco-friendly design; often repurposing pieces and incorporating some reclaimed materials in his designs. 

Ciaran Tully Photography
Tully’s work, while captured from the street is not about the street. There is an abstract painterly quality about his photography that conveys a feeling of beauty and love for his adopted city . . . New York City.


Betsey Carter Ceramics
Building on the traditional vessel form, Betsey's process incorporates literary passages, images, and references to historical ceramics, thus taking the work beyond the domestic sphere while retaining links to functionality.

Celeste Korthase
Celeste creates intense, raw and bold paintings using repurposed construction materials and reclaimed wood for her art.


Jorge is a Los Angeles based self taught Pop Abstract Cartoonist Painter and Photographer. With the paintings that he has created, he wants the viewer to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. Making a simple statement to his audience.

Leroy's Place 
Leroy’s Place is a collection of original art, prints, and whimsical acrylic jewelry by Brooklyn artist Serene Bacigalupi. She spices up thrift store paintings with graffiti monsters and adds color to wardrobes with funky pop culture jewels. 

The Bearded Bowtie
Sophisticated woodworking by a modern craftsman for people who appreciate functional art -The Bearded Bowtie handcrafts live edge furniture and creates custom marquee lights, sure to complete any home.


Zack Dimen Photography
Film and polaroid photographer who makes darkroom prints, handmade t-shirts and crop tops.

Brock Daves Photography
Brock Daves is a beautiful landscape photographer who focuses on capturing nature up close and personal.

kevin marcell image.jpg

Kevin Marcell
How do we see things once they’re gone? What remains in our memory? These are the questions that Kevin Marcell and the artists at L"Tinter Galeria ask through their cycling map prints, created with color, chemistry, mathematics, and NYC streets.

Mike Lindwasser Photography
Artist and photographer Mike Lindwasser experiments with various elements of photography and the use of light to identify the ordinary in his shots of urban and natural abstracts.

Shahrzad Ghadjar, is a New York native now LA based drawer, editor and do-er of visual art. 



Luiz Eduardo Leonardi
Luiz Eduardo Leonardi is a painter inspired by architecture, design, and technology. Whether using canvas, paper, cardboard or wood, he transforms images from the internet with different layers, tints and distortions to create a whole new piece of art. 


The Gypsy Bazaar
Defined as a traveling beauty marketplace, The Gypsy Bazaar roams through various locations to set up their "pop up" tent with services like: Hair, Makeup, Henna and Nails.