Are You Knit-Worthy?

Ansley Davenport learned the ways of the world by knitting her way through it. The rural West Virginia native turned Brooklynite got her first lesson in knitting from her older sister whose sage advice was to knit her way over a bad boyfriend breakup. Fast-forward some years and Ansley, whose Ansley Knits debuted earlier this month, has taken a family tradition of crafting (her dad builds canoes and kayaks) to the market mixing in her love of vintage with her burgeoning ensemble of cowels, hats, mufflers, mittens and gloves that she makes and sells before your very eyes during the weekend market day. Ansley happily will take custom orders and fields requests from fans throughout the day with one caveat: you must be knit-worthy. Appreciate it. Love it. Make it your own. I'll never knit for boyfriends ever again - what happens when you break up before you finish the piece? You're left with a history of half-finished pieces to remind you of those relationships. Never again.

Follow @AnsleyKnits and check her out this weekend and next weekend, Saturday & Sunday from 10AM-7PM in Williamsburg.