'Cause Indie is Cool: What's New From Who

There are so many reasons to check out, hang out and shop Brooklyn bazaars these days. Community. Discovery. Distraction. Destination. All are worthy and honorable. But there's another reason: shopping direct from independent designers is cool. Not just cool as in everyone's doing it, but cool as in it makes you feel good because it gets you up and out and meeting people.

Jewelry designer Erin Graves of SPARKLEFARM returns this weekend after an orbit-shattering holiday season at our Chelsea Market pop-up and more. Erin's design realm is both earthly and ethereal and her creations speak to an almost child-like fascination with objects, textures and contrast. She's good people who loves what she does. Get to know her.

Doug Hockman Photography does his Williamsburg, Brooklyn market debut this Sunday bringing his eye for the finding the sublime in the subtle with an assortment of photographs shot in nature and urban surroundings.