The Maker's Revolution or "Eff Yeah, Kickstarter!"

It's still early enough in the new year for pronouncements and predictions. A recent Kickstarter email blast entitled "2011: The Year in Kickstarter" shook us to our core with its rundown of accomplishments in 2011 for this Brooklyn-incubated, downtown Manhattan start-up. $99,344,382 pledged towards over 27,000 projects.

That's not a movement. That's a revolution. We'd like to give it a name: the Maker's Revolution.

Being a maker can mean a lot of things. We've attempted to distill it down to 3 core elements. Call it the Maker's Manifesto if you like:

  • A drive to do something on your own terms
  • The commitment to turn imagination into reality
  • The belief that your creative vision will affect others in ways for good (inspiration, pleasure, utility, escape)

Manifestos only matter if they have resonate with a community. So if you've got something to add or say, please disqus. And if you haven't contemplated kickstarting your project and joining the movement of makers, make it a priority this new year.