Funk, Fur, Handmade & HardWear: What's New From Who

Fresh from shows around Brooklyn, the boroughs and beyond is stylish it and wit accessorizer Dollsville with a crowd-pleasing array of vintage and rock-and-roll inspired accessories for all ages. Designer Laura Billard aka Laura Rebel Angel (above) sets up this Sunday. Watermarbledworld's Osman Arslan debuts a collection of handmade, individually pigment-painted silk scarves and more. If ever there was proof to the adage that art is a process, here's a living showcase of it. Check it. Sunday

Hardwear jewelry brooklyn

HardWear is a Brooklyn-based, sister-run jewelry design studio specializing in bracelets made from suede, twine and nylon. Like the name playfully puns, it's about incorporating the hard from the ware and turning them into wearable objects of art, fashion and fun because it's hardware is not just for tool lovers and Home Depot fantasy heads. Saturday

Finally, if Winter has you in its brutal grips, don a fur. It's a simple luxury without the guilt especially when some of our fine furrier folks have a variety of real and not-so to choose from. A buyer's guide and stylist's guide to how to fur coming up on Tuesday. In the meantime, try one on for size. Ain't nothing like the real thing, baby.