Return to Craft: Brooklyn Artist Boosterism

I just read a FastCompany interview with David Gensler, the man behind Brooklyn-based design label and fashion house Serum Versus Venom (SVSV) and it has my head blowing up. For one thing, David is a seasoned designer and industry veteran. But the idea of being part of the industry is what set the wheels in motion for him to create SVSV and it shows. Perhaps most striking - and the thing that resonated most clearly with and has been completely core to the Artists & Fleas-as-a-community mission since day 1 - is the focus on craft and on control. In his own words:

We just thought it’s so easy if you have control of all elements of the brand. We own our own factory. One hundred percent of what we produce is produced here.

And in our own practice - what we live for, what we like to see, what gets us going is just that: finding designers and artists and makers and collectors who are not just enthusiastically committed to their work and their product but equally fanatic in their attention to process, to craft, to the way the things that come to market got to being to begin with.

We know you're out there.