Your Staycation Weekend to the Point

Staycating this weekend? North Brooklyn denizens know the deal and out-of-towners are resourceful when it comes to the lack of love from the L train (come by boat, by bridge, by land and by brackish sea!). We've got a lot of love to give you back though.

Activelaze is designer Courtney Kenney's walk on the wild side (above) repurposing metal and metal fittings with power tools to create a line that is feminine thuggish and feminine minimalist. Saturday & Sunday

Jamal Jackson's Dress Code has been building up steam, curating and collecting some fine and dandy vintage threads for all types and the moment has arrived. Saturday is your chance to get your hands on the goods and see what the ruckus is all about.

Portlandia may have popularized putting an owl on it but Brooklyn-based duo Funk + Grace is on to the next thing, exhorting all who dare to put a turban on it. As in the head wrap variety and these are hot and happening here, Saturday.

If you've been following the exploits of our ravenous neighbor at Leeds Radio via twitter, you'll know that he's on the prowl for more pie. Daly Pie comes back with that crackilicious stuff. And pop in to visit mad Richard's vast wonderland of electrical gadgetry and old world ephemera right next door on Saturday only.

Many happy returns to Doug Hockman and his photographic splendors - fine art photography through the lense of a man fixated on the natural world.