Fashion Lovers & Vintage Thrill-seekers

While friends are holding it down on both sides of the East River this weekend sure to share the inside track for vintage enthusiasts checking out the Manhattan Vintage Show what treasures await them in Williamsburg, we've got a heart-stopping, head-turning crew of collectors and designers coming to market. Carolina K brings the best of Latin American stylings in her Spring/Summer 2012 line of hand-crafted, hand-worked embroideries, knits and pleating from across the continent. Her look you ask (photo above)? Connecting the design traditions and cultures from Mexico and Argentina with the kick-ass urban flair that makes us envy what it's like to live life en espanol. Saturday & Sunday

Mintage is gonna help you fill your bag and feast your eyes on more things fly with a purpose. Vintage purveyor and merchandising whizkid Tari Michelle Bohnert has curated her Bohemia pop-up retail in miniature, a shop within the market with a solid foot in the world of music and community - that means vinyl will be on hand and plenty of it. A portion of all proceeds goes to support the Road Recovery Foundation. Saturday & Sunday

Admit to Bitter is that heart-stopping fusion of music, style and culture that make NYC vital and worthy. Designer and curator Jacquie Joseph's painstaking attention to design detail and story are on display in full splendor. Expect awesomeness of the wearable, hangable, ownable variety. Saturday

LoveIsLame comes just in time for the V Day gig with some mirth and spite all wrapped into one. Some truly non-partisan speak-your-mind merch. We love the chest-pumping, fist-shakingness of it all. You will too. Saturday & Sunday

And make sure to get a sneak peek preview of next weekend's Love For Sale red room event...over 20 participating indie designers have contributed an item or 2 for a very special V-Day sale with proceeds going to God's Love We Deliver.