The Thrill of the Kill

There is nothing quite like it. It's the closest feeling you can get to winning the lottery. Or discovering a treasure chest in some attic or basement. Americana collector Kelly McDermott of Cosmo & Mathilda knows the feeling all too well. She recently unearthed a massive trove of early and mid-century (20th Century, that is) carnival games from a Pennsylvania family that had run carnivals all across the country since the 1910s until the family patriarch finally called it quits in the 1970s. A walk through Kelly's collection - pieces of which are being debuted at our pop-up in Chelsea Market for the first time - is almost a museum-worthy feat, with spin wheels, racing horses and the almighty hi striker (pictured) - soaring to 25' tall.

Got a loft, a restaurant or a cool friend with a connection to the Smithsonian who wants this a part of the collection?