What's New from Who: Williamsburg & Chelsea Market

If you haven't yet come out of hibernation, this is the time. There is no time like the start of the Spring for people-watching, cool-hunting and exploring. We've posted on our Facebook page a mini-tour for the flaneur in you, whether it's a wander around Williamsburg you need or an excuse to jump on the High Line and rove to the northern reaches of West Chelsea. Our walk on the wild side in Williamsburg brings vintage lovers PrelovedNYC founders Helene & Carol to the market with their carefully edited collection of the good stuff. Vintage lovers and good stuff, as if there was any other kind. Feast your eyes on it Saturday.Paige-McTaggart-Jewelry

Mactaggart Jewelry sounds like the stuff of DIY espionage but it's not. In it's simplest form, this is knockout jewelry-making (photo right). Mixed media creativity to its core. Or, as designer Paige Taggart likes to say: bling that sings. We'll vouch for that!

On the other side of the East River in what was once the pioneering hinterlands where only the bandits and butchers did roam - we're talking the 10th Avenue side of Chelsea Market folks - 3 stalwarts of the indie design scene set up at our pop-up shop debuting new items from their collections for the Spring and Summer: Brooklyn-based handbag designer Corrente, photographer and accessory impressario Vernakular, and fine gemstone jewelers Jewels By Atlantis. Welcome!