What's New From Who

An art collective. A pair of hip granola makers with a homespun twist. Super rad furniture designers. And graphic T mavens are just a taste of what's in store for you this weekend in Williamsburg. ConArtist Art Collective crosses the river from their digs on the LES where they're in the home stretch of a 2-month long group show. But their vibe and crew is much more motley than just a taste of the downtown arts scene with everything from sculpture to oils to high impact graphic design - they've got the things to adorn your walls, dress your halls or put on your figure. Saturday & Sunday

General Assembly brings some of the freshest silkscreened T-shirts (photo above) just in time for Spring. Time to shed some of those layers and let the world see the goods - designer David Balluff will inspire. Saturday

Jena-and-Kate-Plus-Eight Jean & Kate + Eight could rightly claim themselves a lifestyle brand (and maybe even have a TV show somewhere down the line) with their exquisite setting and attention to detail they bring to their business of entertaining. They're not your average granola slingers - granola as a noun, not the modifier of Bay Area hippie types. They'll be bringing a much-anticipated combo of products both edible and ownable for your table: pottery (left) and yumminess to put in those cups and saucers. Sunday

Nikkuu Design is designer Melissa Moore's fine-tooled craft and art of furniture-making that straddles the worlds of high design and nature. Consider some of her wicked hybrid furniture bringing light, glass, wood and air into the mix and, voila, you have a terrarium lamp that is leaps and bounds out of this world. Sunday

A veritable roster ripe for discovery. And you're down an hour this Sunday so make a plan and get to North 7th Street in Brooklyn this weekend.