Freaky Friday Weekend Preview: What's New From Who (Williamsburg)

If getting your freak on this Friday the 13th means carefully planning your weekend, consider a visit to these parts in your articles of faith. The eclectic collective is a near-religious experience and this weekend promises to be the kind of weekend where all the stars align and magic happens. Art and photography - the visual arts - have always been a strong suit in our mix of vintage sellers and designers. Leanne Staples Photography (photo above), Neon Pop Culture and Caitlin Page Quinn all show up on Saturday with their own takes, creations and styles to make your nest into a home. After all, with Spring in bloom, give something more than just your wardrobe a makeover.

Coolhunters and savvy stylists are careful about their secret finds. Fine Featherheads - the name ought to say it all - might be the next thing that everyone's doing. And doing to themselves. Is that a feather in your hair? Well, yes, 'tis. A very, very fine one indeed. Now you can get your own and turn heads, cultivate cool and put a bounce into your step. Who doesn't want some of that?! Saturday

Julia Dusman wrote us some months saying she's never had the chance to show and sell her spectacular jewelry line in person. We call it spectacular. She is far more humble. In fact, we would call her collections the new standard in wearable art - creating and combining pieces that feel inspired by science and nature and turned into something ethereal and other-worldly. She could just be the next "it" kid in the house. Sunday

Jessys Pastries doesn't just rock your traditional alfajores any more. Baker and chef Jessy Nahmias is taking you down the savory road as well this Saturday with her home-made empanadas. Yes, we're familiar with Williamsburg's Empanada Man hawking his own out of his duffel but Jessy's put them to shame. Not that it's a contest or anything. Just sayin'.

Don't forget...Artists & Fleas at Chelsea Market turns over a new leaf after this weekend when some of our current makers and sellers change over. Make sure to catch them before they're gone --- inside Chelsea Market on the corner of West 15th Street & 10th Avenue. Open daily from 10:30A-7P.