Fresh Design, Choice Vintage, Good Food: What's New From Who

If there was a weekend to stuff yourself with the wonders that this Williamsburg market has wrought, you got one. Artist Henry J. Simonds is genuinely fascinated by the cult classic Super Ball (that's TM'd in case you wanted to know). Yes, that delightful bouncy ball that has enthralled the masses for generations and generations. As co-founder of the International Sphaeralogical Society, he has channeled his own creative wit and whim into a whole design line inspired by and created from these magnificent super balls. The puns, of course, are non-stop and Henry's down for some fun this weekend.

Kevin Steele Morrison's amulets, rings and things are grounded solidly in this post-industrial age turning and stamping hard metals into objects of art and beauty to want and to wear.

Unless you've been living under the East River, you'd be hard-pressed not to be caught up in the Instagram addiction. Enter Coastermatic, a sublime pairing of old school coaster obsessives and modern-day iPhone-camera-toting, trigger-happy shutterbugs. They turn your Instagram pix into coasters. Voila, those precious pix live (see above)! Sunday only

CAVES is Greenpoint artist Summer Guthery's fascination with natural rock formations - stalactites, stalagmites, oh my! - and their intricate and highly geometrical details made into fashion-forward jewels. In a word: other-worldly. Sunday only

But wait food-lovers, there's more. This time, it's about some knock-out food artisans and chefs and bakers debuting and returning. Nance & Anthony of Good Eats to Go bring their beloved Brooklyn Night Bazaar fan favorite gluten-free Mac & Cheese bar back to the 'Burg. You may recognize Aquah Moira Singh-Meneghini's Fruten Glee from some of your favorite shops around the City. She's coming Saturday to sling those treats in WillyB. And from New York with love is the New Yawk Backing Co with sweets and treats to keep you fueled for your frenzied shop-along.

Send some love across the river to our friends debuting at the Manhattan Vintage Show being held Friday & Saturday. It's a hop, skip and a jump from where we're holding it down beneath the High Line at Chelsea Market. Heck, start at Chelsea and meander East-ward and take that ferry over. You can see the sunny skies all day!