Attitude Spoken Here

Retail is all about attitude. Not just the gotta be in it to win it big picture attitude but the details behind it all. It's as much about the people who run the store - walk into Steven Alan on Atlantic Avenue for some good attitude, or_______  off Hudson in Meatpacking for some well-known not-so-welcoming attitude - as it is about how the place looks, feels and is merchandised. Over the years, we've gotten a whole lot of it. There's the snark, the stare down, the shit-eating grin and more. And we've watched sellers hire friends and go fishing for folks off of craigslist to run their shops or booths or stalls while they're away. Recently, we got a lesson in retailing from a super savvy personal shopper whose stints at Barneys and Bergdorfs put her in a top 10 list somewhere lofty. She said one simple thing: meet your customer at her or his level. Code for some cryptic psycho-babble? Not at all. It means get up, stand up and talk to your customer at eye level. Make shopping your shop, your booth, your pop-up more inviting.

Want to see some attitude on display? Check it out this week at Chelsea Market where jewelry designers Vale Jewelry showcase their fine collection or certifiably off-kilter cool graphic Tees and prints by Jason Laurits and Paste are on display. Though it's a lot more retail than not, a lot more casual than your typical shop within a shop, the right attitude is spoken here.