Selling Sentimentality

Ohio-Players-vinyl-records You know you've felt it. Certainly, you've found yourself saying something that sounds like it.

Holy shit, I remember when that album came out

or My mom used to have that in her closet

or Dude, those were my sheets.[That Harold & Kumar-like soundbite is legit: it's actually the impetus for - or so the legend goes - of the whimsical and wacky mind behind GoLLy NYC, the artist and lover of vintage icons and pop culture references from bed sheets turned into T-shirts currently on display at Chelsea Market and elsewhere in NYC.

Vintage-Japanese-Arcade-MachineStuff. That's all that cynics would like you to believe it is. But that stuff has spawned an insane industry online and off, where busloads of tourists descend on flea markets in Chelsea and in Brooklyn every weekend, rain or shine, or in Brimfield 3 times a year where the rarified flea scenesters make the pilgrimage. Sure, everyone's stuff has a story. And while the buying and selling of stuff is what these markets tend to be about, it's not the sole reason for their being so in vogue. Yeah, yeah, community, commerce, real-life experiences...they're all important and part of the mix. But watching Churoncalla's Chess part ways with the classic Japanese arcade machine that had been a fixture in her booth for years, it was clear that even once it finds its new home in Philadelphia for sale, saying goodbye isn't easy even in a world in which everything is for sale.