What's New From Who

Union Pool regulars and visitors to our Spring pop-up at Chelsea Market will immediately recognize photographer Teddy Telles upon entering the market this weekend. His pop-up photo booth has won the hearts and minds of many (and counting) wherever it goes. This weekend, the Williamsburg denizen sets it up in his own backyard, bringing a box of props to make that high-contrast B&W series fresh and fun. Rachel Gittler's Epona Valley is steeped in counterculture fashion of the 1960s and 1970s. Her flower-child head pieces take their cues from nature and their free-spiritedness might just give you that groovy and free-loving feeling. Saturday

Armi's Handmade takes the centuries-old art form known as paper mache to create meticulous and refined jewelry and accessories (below, left). Impossible to do any way but the handmade way, designer Armine Vardanya debuts her collection and craft for the first time ever this Saturday.

Made in Lieu was made for dudes and made by dudes. Because only dudes would crave clothes that could go the distance and be worn 7 days a week (below, right). Designers Zach and Eric are keeping things lean, mean and straightforward with minimalist styles to taunt and tease the alternative urban fashionista beau out there this Sunday.

Armi-Papier-Mache-jewelry Made-In-LieuHigh time for tea time. The coffee lover in us always appreciates the fine stylings and experience that infuses - pardon the pun - the sipping of loose-leaves. And Carriage House Social Club, purveyors of fine loose-leaf teas, knows and shows the art and science to the world of tea. Saturday

Sweet & Sour Vintage is Natalie Galasso's undeniable love of the finer things in a wardrobe. Clearly they don't make things like they used to as Natalie's curatorial eye demonstrates with style pieces from across the ages for whatever your attitude is, whether it's 1960s glam or more contemporary rockabilly. Sunday

The return of Spring also means the return of some old fan favorites - Nina Choi and the Memo Bandit (great band name!) and the cured soaps of Piel. Haul it down to our haunt in Williamsburg for another superfine weekend shopping and hanging and making new friends.