3 New, Must-See Designers at the Chelsea Market Pop-Up

Blondes-Make-Better-TeesThe middle of the month of May brings 3 knock-out designers to the strong slate of local designers and vintage collectors currently on display at Artists & Fleas at Chelsea Market. What do you do when you pair a designer and an engineer? The awesomely engaging and thoroughly hip Lineposters, high-impact graphic riffs on popular mass transit maps and systems. This barely 1-year old outfit has already taken Cayla Ferari (she's the designer) and John Breznicky (he's the engineer --- not the choo choo kind, the other kind) around the world and back where they've shown their prints and graphic T-shirts to the delights of many urbanites and fans of smart and simple modern design.

Blondes Make Better T-Shirts is the brilliant brainchild of one savvy and sharp-thinking blonde. One can only begin to imagine the slew of "dumb blonde" jokes that Lise Ellingsen had to contend with over the years as a designer jet-setting around the world to showcase the work she did for big global brands. She turned her wicked wit and sass onto herself and the fine medium of t-shirts. There is none better. And the puns have become an endless source of fascination - follow Lise and her sharp-tongued tweets. Lineposters-graphic-design

Arza Design is no stranger to the halls of Chelsea Market and the heart of hip that drives the fashion-forward and fashion-frenzied. Having popularized the hands-free handbag in the mid-2000s, Arza continues to imagine and re-imagine the opportunities that exist for free-wheeling fashion lovers who need their hands free with a selection of bright, bold new colors and textures. Make sure to check out her sizzling Spring/Summer collection through June 3rd.