Artists & Revolutionaries: Designer John-Michael

Brooklyn-based-designer-John-MichaelWhen Greenpoint designer John-Michael Schlotter walked away from his corporate design director role and set up his studio to begin the work of turning Artists & Revolutionaries into a reality, little did he realize that his passion and instincts to create one-of-a-kind upcycled pieces from cast-off fabric bolts, reclaimed leather jackets and salvaged cotton fabrics would resonate so fast and so furious. His voice is earnest. His convictions are straightforward. And he makes no bones about what he does and why he does it - check out this video for more. His collection debuted in Williamsburg at the market in late March and these days, John-Michael is working 5 days a week to design, cut, sew and bring to market more than 50 pieces each week. See what he has in store this weekend.