In Case You Missed It: Oh Deer Dry Goods

Oh-Deer-Dry-Goods-canvas-totesThe weekly dispatch and itinerant musings of @mollsrawks. Cheeky you say? There's no denying that. I can’t deny it. I love tote bags. Some might say I have a little bit of a canvas tote problem. Who can blame me?! Look where I work!

Jessica Straw of Oh Deer Dry Goods has created possibly my most favorite tote to date, and I’m punching myself that I didn’t pick one up.  What can be so amazing that I’m inflicting injury on myself, you ask? Craigslist Missed Connections screen-printed on totes and tanks. So good. So genius. Jessica also does beautiful screen-prints on wispy chiffon tops and countless other fabrics, just in case you have a different kind of buying addiction.

Check out Brooklyn-born, global-informed Oh Deer Dry Goods in real life in Williamsburg this Summer or on Etsy.