Put the Needle on the Record

There are countless call-outs to the DJ. Hey, Mister DJ. Play it, kick it. Spinning vinyl and laying down the tracks has been a fundamental part of the market experience since Day 1 when Koi Market kids Jesse & Steph first showed up slinging sushi, hot sake and Afro-beat and '70s soul. Fast-forward and we're back. And now we're doing it 7 days a week as part of our Spring pop-up at Chelsea Market. We kicked off the month of May with a bit of a refresh. Shake off those cobwebs and kick up some dust. Remodel we must. And the DJ booth is front and center as a tower of power with a wicked and wild crew that includes some legit folks on the scene, including Boogaloo badass DJ Turmix, The Kings of Karaoke's Nithya Rajendran and DJ TruTones.

Got vinyl, 8-tracks, or MP3s? Come play with us.