Mama's Gotta Brand New...: 5 Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Don't make it a - yawn - Hallmark Holiday. As awesome as Moms are, they are sometimes difficult to shop for. We're making it easy peasy for you with these 5 made in Brooklyn recommendations:

1. You might hate to admit it, but your Mom is always right. She has wisdom that seems to always help you when you need it. Maybe she is a teacher, doctor or just an all around learned woman. This vintage ivory and 24 carat gold Owl Necklace from the Spooky Boutique is a one of a kind thing that is delicate and stylish without being flashy. And it will take her back in time perhaps to those classy days when you weren't even in the picture. Make mom meet Ricky Becker every Saturday & Sunday in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

2. Let’s face it. You haven’t made your Mom something since about second grade. Does she still have that juice can that you covered in glued felt? Didn’t think so. Let KM Candles and Body make an amazing soy candle for your Mom. She makes them all by hand and there are plenty of great scents to choose from. She’ll even put a gift basket together! Fancy! Artist Kelly Marks is Midwestern goodness in the flesh - see for yourself every Saturday & Sunday in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

3. Maybe your Mom used to live in New York City. Maybe she sometimes wishes she could live the glamorous (in her opinion) New York lifestyle. She loves to visit and go to all you favorite places with you. Satisfy her wanderlust and New York City envy with this New York City skyline cuff bracelet by SNASH Jewelry. Mom doesn’t have to sleep on your pull out couch to get her NYC fix this way. Saturday & Sunday in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

4. You might never tell her, but I know that you don’t want your Mom to dress…well, like a Mom. A light, handmade linen jacket or anything for that matter from Artists and Revolutionaries is the perfect thing for Mom. It can be worn to work, to the beach, on the weekends, to the golf course, just about anyplace! It’s something special and sophisticated, yet current. Just like Mom! Saturday & Sunday in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

5. It might be a far cry from the heady days of the 1970s but bangles are back and Evolving Habitat has made bangles magical - turning tree trunks into hip accessories that are gorgeous, functional and a twist on the classic. Make your mom cool with this! Saturday & Sunday in Williamsburg, Brooklyn