If You See Something, Say Something: Pamela Barsky Designs

Pamela-Barsky-DesignsSay what? We all know that person - unless we are that person ourselves - that let's slip exactly what we are thinking even when nobility and just plain good manners obligate us to refrain from doing us. You know, those knee-jerk reactions in response to that person's horrid street style, poor fashion faux pas, jerks on the train or in line at the coffee shop. The list goes on and on. Artist Pamela Barsky has created an outlet for all of that misplaced madness. Her artful and fun collection of purses, pouches, clutches, man bags and wallets are more mini billboards for those sayings decorous and not-so. Since moving to NYC from Los Angeles a few years ago, Pamela has found an open-armed embrace from the City that knows restraint but likes to make itself heard.

Her complete collection is currently on display through June 3rd as part of Artists & Fleas at Chelsea Market pop-up shop (Tenth Avenue & 15th Street, below the High Line).

If you see something, say something.