Meet Your Maker, Your Baker, Your Vintage Closet Raider

Le-Gallinelle-RomeWho says you can't shop local but experience the global? A handful of newcomers bring their international style to Williamsburg this weekend giving local denizens and citizens of the world a taste of world weekend markets from the UK, Italy and beyond. Sweet Disorder Vintage is Kate Russel's Williamsburg vintage showroom turned market pop-up shop, a love affair that began as a study of London markets, turned into a 4-year stint holding it down as a Portobello Market shopkeep and is now showing up on these shores with a stunning haul of men's and women's wearables from Victorian to the Modern. Saturday & Sunday

Dachshund in the Desert, AKA Dox in the Dez, has gallavanted North and South and East and West to hunt down and harness the hip so you don't have to. The result are witty and wild terrariums and terra still lifes (pictured). Saturday & Sunday Dox-in-the-Dez-Terrarium

Rome's Mercato Monti is a weekend designer market for the famed and soon-to-be-fabulous. Carlotta Cerulli's wondrous accessories brand Le Gallinelle regularly holds court at the mercato and remixes Roman textiles and styles for the Brooklyn cult of cool. Sunday only

Threadbare Supply is the carefully curated, drop-dead gorgeous collection of jewels, jewelry and accessories that are hand-woven, home-spun and refreshingly fab. Poke around the supply online to get a sneak peek of what's coming to market this Sunday.

With Spring in full swing, it's all about the t-shirt as accessory. 3 local outfits do their Brooklyn debut - Ticherts, Andy & Bella (for kids!) and Greenpoint's Mr. Drinkwater. There's plenty of t-shirt loving folks to go around so spread the love and slip one on this weekend.

When your Brooklyn appetite has been stuffed, make sure to pop across the East River on the L train to Chelsea Market, the High Line and our rocking crew at Artists & Fleas at Chelsea Market, recovering from a rager of a Spring renewal Thursday night - yes, karaoke DJ, of course. Artists & Fleas at Chelsea Market is located inside Chelsea Market at West 15th Street & 10th Avenue and is open 10:30AM-8PM on Saturday and until 7PM on Sunday.