Williamsburg Street Caffeine Machine

Kendall Holmes has been steadily perfecting his craft for years. The result? Cloud Coffee, the mobile coffee cart by this caffeine purveyor, carnival barker and street charmer holding it down on weekends in Williamsburg. For Kendall, it's not merely mastering the art of the cold brew or the pour over. It's more meta for the man whose affections, connections and bona fides in and around the Brooklyn artisan food scene go deep (by day, he's running Special Ops for McClure's Pickles in the new incubator kitchen in Bushwick). It's all about service. Not about kissing your ass service but about giving it to you straight. After a long coffee-less winter, the coffee machine has returned and with him, the masses like the swallows to Capistrano, where his weekend menu of cold brew, french press and pour over is served to perfection sourcing his beans from Greenpoint's Café Grumpy.

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