Food Artisans: Jessy's Pastries

Jessy-Pastries-alfajoresOn the never-ending quest for the rare and the sublime, food fans who crave the sweet and savory and a taste of the far-away have been wowed the past few weeks with the arrival of Jessy's Pastries, wunderkind Jessy Nahmias' homage to the traditional Latin American sweet treat alfajores. Like most budding food entrepreneurs, Jessy is hip to more than just tradition and after debuting her delicious dulces back in March at the market, she found that Brooklynites have more than just a sweet tooth and want for something different. Her baked empanadas debuted to great fanfare earlier this Spring and they are a Brooklyn original [Jessy holds it down on Saturdays at Hester Street Fair but the empanadas only come out for the cool kids this side of the East River on Sundays]. Check out the love Jessy got on SeriousEats and make sure to give her some love Sundays in the 'Burg. Yum!