Tea Slingers for Everyday Royalty

Carriage-House-Social-Club-tea-makersThere's no doubt that tea is having its artisan moment. And Carriage House Social Club stands head and shoulders above the crowd, driving the tea zeitgeist with their specialty hand-crafted micro blended teas. Partners Adriana Paolucci and Eric Fralick used to run a shop in Dumbo where they created a variety of classic teas and original blends of loose leaf teas to characterize the city they call home (St. Marks Hojicha, a fruity Bushwick Blueberry, the list goes on and on). But the money shot for this duo? Tea pops. Take that tea of yours and stick it in the freezer - these delightful iced novelties can play up and down the Williamsburg Waterfront well into the Fall, especially with flavors like blueberry hibiscus and blood orange hibiscus. It's tea on a stick and it might just be the next big thing.

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