All Good Things from Near and Far: What's New From Who

Screenprints-Williamsburg_Brooklyn_Jessica_WhiteNow that it's officially Summer, many fellow travelers are hitting the road and making the market a stop along their gypsy wanderings. Vagabondia Vintage, as the name suggests, is one woman's vintage obsession incarnate. Sylvia Karcz brings women's and men's vintage garb and accessories for every style and from every era (from the 1900s to the 1990s) along with a smattering of handmade accessories to complement the treasure trove in what Sylvia calls an "aesthetic that revolves around wordly curiousity and sartorial freedom." Buckle up and enjoy the time machine ride.

While taking the spin through Renegade Brooklyn last weekend, we saw a lot that we dug. We really found ourselves liking the screenprints of JWhite so we were thrilled to discover that after a weekend baking along the Williamsburg waterfront, designer Jessica White (hence the "J") was bringing it to A&F - super fresh and intoxicatingly cool prints inspired by cultures near and far (photo above).

Viens Vintage debuts their previously online only collection to those of us who dig real life shopping and no that there's nothing quite like the whole touch-me, feel-me experience of it all. Collector Janina Fisher has a little something for everyone in her magic bag of vintage collectibles. Sunday only

We are tempted to call Yana Kemelman's Iron Curtain endeavor "from Russia with love" but the truth of the matter is that these petite Russian fried donuts are a Russian-born, Brooklyn-based, cosmopolitan gal's take on a Russian classic. There's been a whole lot of interest of late in ponchiki - Russian donut holes, for lack of a better translation. These are not your mama's ponchiki though. We promise. Saturday only

Falcon Feather is Brooklyn-based jewelry designer Bilyana Tosic-Petino's 7 year old design studio that focuses on handmade, hand-hammered jewelry in silver and bronze.