Father Panik Industries & Williamsburg's Other Side

Father_Panik_Industries_Williamsburg_designAsk Scott Machens, co-creator and co-head honcho of Brooklyn-based Father Panik Industries, his take on the past 10 years in Williamsburg and he's apt to say that you can't find a decent place to shoot a BB gun anymore now that the whole waterfront condo scene has developed the once desolate wasteland for alternative creative pursuits. Together with partner Mika Kitamori, the 2 have been churning out graphic designs, jewelry and accessories for the darker side for the better part of 10 years since selling back with us during our opening month in December 2003. They've steadily cultivated a following - a kind of pre-hipster aesthetic that can be equally at home at the tattoo conventions that Father Panik hits up throughout the Spring and Summer as Artists & Fleas and our cohorts on the Brooklyn market scene. It's design with attitude and it's damn good to have them. Get a taste of that dystopic design sensibility at the market every Saturday & Sunday on North 7th Street. Dare you to try and make Scott crack a smile.