Birds of a Feather: What's New From Who

The-Ron-Lewish-Label-Brooklyn-netsLikes attract like which in this scene of markets and cool designers making and collecting interesting stuff means that word gets around. We like to believe that the Artists & Fleas reputation precedes us. And this weekend's cast of newcomers to the market makes that abundantly clear. Forrest Bacigalupi and Arts Kinetic not only has the distinct honor of being big bro to long-time fan fave artist Serene (aka Leroy of Leroy's Place) but he's an accomplished artist in his own right. Forrest is up visiting from the Big Easy where he's a regular on the New Orleans indie scene and his original design and jewels are beloved by many a hip Southern lass roaming the streets of the Quarter and Mid-City. Saturday & Sunday

The ronlewis label has a cult-like fan following in and around NYC where his line of original screen-printed t-shirts have found themselves on the backs and bods of people of all walks of life. He's bringing his flava to Brooklyn (see photo) this weekend for a taste of the borough and 'smore indie cred. Saturday & Sunday

Chichi Textiles is the design + curation studio of Dylan Lauren (not that one) and Sydney Shilo, two extraordinarily global and savvy sisters whose mission is to design, source, and produce hand-crafted goods in collaboration with indigenous artisans from around the world. Lauren & Shilo creatively incorporate elements that are both contemporary and traditional motifs with the result being things you can't find anywhere else. Saturday only

Ciney & Fiya is Talibah Safiya's design line debut that uses beads from all walks of life and turns them into objects of wearable art and envy. Talibah discovered the market a few weeks back while strolling through the neighborhood and decided then and there that she felt this might be the place for her. One small leap...Saturday only

Wickett Ophelia sounds like it could be a stage name almost for the fashion and jewelry designer of the same name known for her Reb'l Flutters and Wire Flutters. She brings her spunk on Saturday to the show so get ready to soak it all up and take it all in.

Raw Ingredients, like the name says, is lush, legit and to the point. Creator and chief "mixologist" Rita Calderon has been a regular on the NYC circuit since launching her line in 2009 and she brings her custom blended sensitive skincare line to Brooklyn for one day so get it before it's gone. Saturday only

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